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  1. Have an existing wooden toilet door with wooden door frame. Door and door frame have rotten. Would like to change to Aluminium bi-fold door. Please provide pricing for remove wooden door and frame and install bi-fold door. What material of inframe/ infill/panel is commonly used?
  2. You can forget abt Gain City for a/c. They used to be good when they were small. Now all a/c installation is outsourced and it depends on the external team sent. If you buy from Taobao, do consider to buy some spares.
  3. Anyone remove their bathtub alone without re-tiling the whole bathroom? Most bathtub are against the wall, so some wall and floor tiles will be affected. Any advice to replace/beautify them with new tiles, when you are unable to get the exact matching tiles back? Any other things like water proofing to take note?
  4. Want to change the color of the floor of my toilets. They are now in pink, want to change whiteish pine-wood grain to to make it look bigger and more posh. Can Vinyl sheet be used to lay over existing tiles?
  5. Contractor partly right. It not really expensive. Not durable is true, can't fight with plain on hinges. Soft close gives a nice feeling in begin but not much point eventually.
  6. Recommend ceiling fan for bedroom 3m x 5m x 3m (height). What size would be suitable for this room?
  7. Its not bad luck. Its called warranty. $450 door cracked in 1 mth = ask the door supplier to change the door.
  8. Your very clear and big images are a rare find in this forum. Did not see any ventilation for your shoe cabinets? or it is not shown in photo?
  9. Once the clothes are out of the dryer, there is no need to air them. They are dry and ready for folding. Having a dryer is very convenient (vs putting up clothes to dry).
  10. The place looks great, can save a bundle on reno, maybe some minor touches will be fine. Like wat Suyun suggested abt the kitchen, box up the top to reduce cleaning and put up back splash (colored glass - aluminium) to change the color. For other parts, maybe some colorful decal/wall stickers to 'brighten up' the kitchen. 5-RM is big enuff to take a coloured feature wall to break the monotony of white. The money saved from reno can be put into ceiling fans and nice furnitures.
  11. What is the cheapest option? Paint over it or lay vinyl sheets?