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  1. Low budget so get wall decal than to do a full TV feature wall in room.
  2. Around S$100, I'm getting 3rd and 4th mirror, since the packing is fine (no break)
  3. Just created a FB group for TB shopping, join in to share experiences and exchange treasures found and tips. https://www.facebook...96273897195633/
  4. Before living room, a little shabby corner.
  5. Just created a FB group for TB shopping, join in to share experiences and exchange treasures found and tips. https://www.facebook.com/groups/196273897195633/
  6. The 2 faces clock is up. The other face.
  7. Had some left over lace, son used them for his room, behind his glass door:
  8. Will be going to Roman's free cooking lesson, care to join? Think they have it almost every weekends near Bugis. Can learn new dishes and bring along friends.
  9. Sure frightened than her, we know the consequences, she might not. Good time to allow her to learn. Maybe you can get the Roman stove too, got timer. I love it, as I can forget that I'm cooking too, getting old...
  10. How old was she that time? Yes, learning the lesson is important. I'm sure she won't repeat it again. It's must be frightening for her. Thanks, for your compliments.
  11. 8hours!! Wow, glad that nothing happen. But what happened to the food, become charcoal? My son cooked soup till I reached home which was 4hrs, and I entered into a smoky-house, frightened me too. Of course, no more water in the pot and everything is black, was using glass pot, imagine if I reached home even later? Sure - broken. So timer is good. Now I noticed, when I removed the pot from the ring, the heat/red of the ring will go off automatically.
  12. Yup, the previous wall tiles cmi, so hide it under. So far, no stain till the wall, glass back do help. But I do have some dirty hand marks here and there due to workers still coming in the patch up, still can wipe out. The most, paint the wall every year? Then I get to have different colour each year.....
  13. The dining table finally arrived.
  14. Mirror for the dining area: