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  1. fellow shoppers...it has been quite a while since i visited this thread...you guys have been bz! I just found a really good seafood wholesaler...thought i share seeing as that is what i have been sharing mostly (kitchen stuff) here.... these guys sell really fresh stuff. review here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152497211803700.1073741856.151908563699&type=3
  2. Welcome to RT! I too spent heaps of time looking for a fabric sofa...i needed something that had removeable covers and not too pricey. It is amazing...most shops offered mainly leather/pvc....sighs....one of the most budget friendly places, and where we ended up getting our sofa was from Defu Furniture. I hope that helps.
  3. Hey! My EM is in Hougang and the layout is exactly the same...wondering where you purchased. Welcome to the neighbourhood
  4. erm i am not sure cos we decided to only AC the bedrooms. (we are tree huggers) So we didn't check if it has been upgraded. But i doubt it...we are still on "tong" gas...it is not piped
  5. Welcome!! I am at Hougang Ave 10...just moved in to my EM. Not sure if it is the same layout as yours...but check out my blog (in my signature), maybe it will help
  6. LOL...i got the same stockpot as you..but in flame. Be careful with it...amazon reviews say that it chips quite easily. The q to pay was crazy when i was there. (was one of the first few there). Almost bought the largest cast iron pot they have on offer...but a quick check on amazon confirmed my suspicion...still cheaper buying from amazon. LOL
  7. hmmm....were you the one that said hi to me at the sale?
  8. hmmm....i got my granite top for $98 per sq ft
  9. I got my kraus kitchen sink faucet from Amazon and even managed to score free shipping!
  10. Want my window guy contact...honestly he was the cheapest one i found (35% less than my contractor quote!)...and the quality was good.
  11. Yea, for mine, it was the electrician didn't clip it on tight...that is why one was faulty. The other was truly a fault. But it was good to learn, so that we now know to check that before going all the way down to Jln Besar to get them "changed"