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  1. hi pantieileen, i read with great interest on ur rebuilding journey and would like to know more, do u have your builder and architect contact to share?




    1. MyloNamira


      Hi pantieileen,

      You seems to get a good deal from your other posting to reconstruct your home. Possible to share or pm the builder contact ? Do you use ID? Thank you.



  2. Alternatively, u can get a company and do soil test yourself and pay them directly. Topo survey 1-2k. ura 3-4k, BCA 1k. So at the end of it, you get all these reports yourself, don't have to worry if builder, architect, PE hold on the copy.
  3. Rules change liao. You only can "borrow" soil test results from immediate next door neighbors and not even 2doors away or in the vicinity
  4. no 22ft = sink side (top & bottom) + cooking side (top) coz the hood takes up the top already.
  5. Started doing my renovation of my condo on Monday. Replacing of my existing downlight bulbs to LED bulbs (more than 15) : 120 per light (my contractor charge me $35 for each existing lights labour and bulb) ** if new lights $10 each (but i buy my own light fittings) ** transfer light from toilet to storeroom $15 Varnishing of living room skirting: $300 Varnishing of master rm skirting : $180 ** so funny u only do skirting. I'm charged 1k for 3bedrooms (regrinding and repolishing) Varnishing of built in wardrobes' doors: ard $ 300 per set ** duno : bought ikea ones Waxing granite floor: $1300 ** duno : mine is marble $1300 for 720sqft, cut up all the grouting and redo new ones plus polishing Varnishing of each door n frame : $180 ** $55 per set x10 doors/frames = $550 One more question: how much does it cost to remove kitchen cabinet n install a new one? Remove existing kitchen : $300 New kitchen : To supply labour & materials to install 22ft kitchen cabinet in laminate & polygon $ 3,520.00 To supply labour & materials to install 04 x blum motion drawers FOC To supply labour & materials to install 11ft W colored tempered glass backing $ 600.00 To supply labour & materials to install 11ft quartz top on kitchen cabinet $ 1,045.00 Total new kitchen : $5165 (could be cheaper if i don't do glass backing or stinge on the quartz top coz this is a rental unit)
  6. Which silly person told you cannot conceal pipes? All condos and HDB can condo piping. Only matter of do u have the layout of piping? If not do the easiest, use mosaic over the piping so u know in future "do not hack the mosaic" coz piping is behind the mosaic
  7. 1) Do waterproofing for your living room before you lay your marble 2) All stone suppliers will provide this service but if your buy from them. 3) It might be cheaper if you source for project leftover tiles (means condos, malls) from Futar, Tien Seng, Polybuilding. Could be as cheap as $6-9 can't rem if it's psf or sqm
  8. Was quoted slightly less than 20k in 2010 when I was going my place, 3-4pax standing or 1 wheelchair plus 1 standing. Hence I build a lift shaft which I use as an airwell now, just in case.
  9. Yup, my attic has a bedroom ensuite bathroom and opens out to a balcony. I'm on east coast road. Not pasir ris
  10. In my neighborhood, you can stand on the street and see. Terraces 2storey A&A : my right side neighbor, my builder completed in Feb 2013 (300-350k) 2storey original : my lefft side neighbor 60yo house 2.5storey reconstruction : Me, completed Dec 2011 (grand total damage 500k) 3storey with full rooftop balcony & pool : right right neighbor corner terrace, another builder completed in Dec 2012 (1millon) 3.5storey (3storey with attic) build under reconstruction no piling but with bomb shelter (kept existing height) : opposite corner complete in June 2012 (hear say 700k-1m) with lift 3storey (tile roof) : opposite row 20yo houses SemiD 2storey with attic (tile roof) : completed 10yo ago, 1m for the pair 3storey (no attic no roof terrace) : completed Jan 2011, 700k architect Ong&Ong, no swimming pool with lift
  11. My aunt from a renowned developer explained in layman's term. You pay 6digit figure to do an additional floor (which could be a terrace, attic or proper 3rd floor), professionals will have to provide for (hence we pay) additonal columns, beams and footings, so the most ideal outcome is to have it sheltered with a roof hence attic or 3rd floor. When architect/PE/URA/BCA set the requirements for the load for the 0.5floor, there's no restriction to one building a terrace and then building an extra shelter (aluminium frame, glass/perspex roof) where one could still house furniture inside. So in short, developers will typically build 3storey and rarely 2.5 o 3.5storey to maximise their profit margin Lauer and Taketen already mentioned 0.5 floor actually just means an attic floor where BCA/URA requirements is to have a sloping roof. So attic vs 3rd floor would mean the usable space for attic is smaller than 3rd floor (less windows, ventilation) due to sloping roof and angular ceiling in your room. 2.5storey and 3storey houses will also look the same on the front facade but side profile would look different. Height could also be the same. My attic masterbedroom walk in wardrobe is 4m tall (i use a rollable ladder) and my actual height of my attic floor is 4.3m. Open invitation to puppet : you want come my place and see?
  12. btw, saw some nice features during new SD openhouse 1) parquet and marble skirting are flushed with the wall. I've seen those at sentosa cove before and wanted my builder to do it but he said i must pay for extra capping so ok nvm can live with it so never do 2) marble bathroom but the shower area is made of stone and the area outside the shower where u stand is sunken in forthe water to floor into the manhole. I guess this means one won't slip and fall when showering in marble bathroom esp for old folks
  13. Mine was 3yr ago, at that point of time, don't need soil test and bomb shelter for reconstruction. A full 3storey would mean i exceed extra GFA by more than 50% and for only 3-4pax family size, we don't need that big.
  14. I didn't hire an ID, went to national library at bugis borrowed books, use camera and took pictures of designs I wanted, flash to my builder and architect in 1 meeting. They tell me it's possible to do. I'm not designer trained or architecturally inclined, biochemist by natural. So I believed one can save alot of cost by doing own research. Ya shopping at corner terrace or semiD since market is down. Saw a few new developer built ones at crazy prices. 3800sqft land 6400sqft built in at $7.8m min and old ones similar size land 3500sqft for 4-5m, same district. But I don't need so big lah. Adopted larger dogs, 1 extra car so need more garden space and carpark.
  15. Totally different from mine in 2010. 1) architect drew 2 plans 3 storey if we need to soil test and pile w/bomb shelter, 2.5storey if soil test piling bomb shelter not required 2) builder calculate both costs 3) pay 10% to builder and architect based on 2.5storey 4) submit to BCA URA and wait 5) URA BCA approve 2.5storey 6) start work on 2.5 storey 7) brick start to lay only at 50% completion stage Seems like your ID and architect don't have enough experience