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  1. Thank you Snoozee and George for your sharing. I am also coming around to this view, that better to do a complete rebuild. Now just have to scrape up more cash for the project... I will continue to consult this forum as we embark on this project.
  2. Dear experts and experienced homeowners, We are in the process of buying a small detached house. It’s an old house built in early 1990s with some internal renovations done in last 10 years. We kind of max out on our budget on the purchase and planned to do a reconstruction, to reconfigure the house and add an attic. The shell and shape of the house is suitable for what we need. Having spoken to a couple of architects it was suggested we should consider doing a rebuild so there is more freedom with the design, not constrained by existing structure/columns. Do people who have done reconstruction regretted doing that instead of complete rebuild? Anyone looked at both options and found good reasons to choose one over the other? A rebuild will cost more and take longer, and will need to fit in a household bomb shelter. i thought what we save on reconstruction we can use to buy furniture etc. Appreciate your views.
  3. Hello George, thanks for your post. Could you share the contact of your main con / architect?
  4. Thanks Alan for the contact info. I'll ask him about this and the other plumbing/electrical work I need done. Regards Estee
  5. I plan to install a dishwasher in the kitchen. As there isn't one there before, I need a plumber with experience of fitting in all the piping required, including the waste water outflow. Since the kitchen is already fully fitted with cupboards, also need to hack out a cupboard space to put in the dishwasher. Does anyone have plumber to recommend for this work? Many thanks. Estee
  6. Can anyone who received the carpenter's contact details please share them? Please PM me. Thanks!
  7. Hello all, Am new to this forum and would appreciate any recommendations for contractors (not IDs). Please send contact details to me. Thanks!