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  1. Just the pros and cons that comes with each decision.😁
  2. The whole foundation work is $45k. But not sure whether include the test or not. Need to check. 😓
  3. Install on a flat roof would have leakage issue in due time. However if were to install on a roof with gradient, chances of leakage would reduce significantly. Googled for such ventilation fans in the net, found mixed reviews, regardless motorised or not. Some even outright said it is a scam as scientifically it does not work. Anyone has such installation on roof? Does it cool down the interior?
  4. I will also need to do this test. It is to be paid by owner or contractor?
  5. Hi Ice, I also don't know why the architect fee quoted is so expensive. Asked 2x Architects, one quoted at the lower range, the other one higher range of the 10 to 15%. So did not bother to ask the 3rd architect. We asked a hypothetical question to one of the Architects.... what if we don't like any of the contractor after the interview or the quality of the work. He replied would need to call for another round of tender again.😓 5-6 contractors, that's quite many. Was told only 3-4 contractors would be invited for tender. Was told also tender price can range wildly between contractors due to covid... anyway the archi path is just too ex, too long, too many unknown for us. 😓
  6. Dear All, Bought an interterrace house last year. As newbies to the rebuilding process, we are feeling our way through the unknowns and challenges. At every cross road of choice, trying to make "sound" decision and move a step at a time forward through this expensive and lengthy journey. 😁😁. Intend to share our experiences here in this forum, will find time to update as regular as I can. So here goes... Decision No. 1 : Rebuild or A&A It was a rather old 2 stories house, build in 1986. Although the ex-owner had maintained it well but the build-up area was just 2000+sqft, layout and design were pretty old fashion. Upon closer inspection also found signs of water stains on wall line, terminate treatment holes on the floor and cracks. Original plan was to do A&A, but soon we decided to change plan from A&A to rebuild 😅. Another reason was to make sure we maximise the economic potential of the land so that when needed we can sell the house at a higher possible price in future. Decision No. 2 : Architect or Design&Build Contractor Explored both rebuilding paths. Finally decided to go with D&B contractor for the following reasons: a. Price : On top of all the costs required to build a house, was told to pay 10 to 15% more for the architect fee... Money not enough. 😅 b. Waiting time : Visited quite a handful of houses done by both 3x Architects and 3x D&B Contractors. Although we liked the design from one of the Architects, the waiting time was very long for him to complete the design before tender, up to 6 months wait... Time too long. 😅 c. Tender process : All architects we engaged indicate that they would invite the contractors that they have worked with to come for the tender, or we could invite our contractor to bid... but we are newbies, no idea about contractors. Need to interview the participating contractors, see more houses to check for quality and workmanship.... but again, we are newbies, no idea how to differentiate between good and bad contractors. If don't like any contractor, need to start all over again. The whole tender process too troublesome for us 😅 Finally selected one of the 3 contractors whom we felt most comfortable with and has provided an acceptable balance between price vs design & service provided. Since then we have completed topo survey, soil test, and successfully obtained the demo permit and approval for the layout and structural plans from BCA/URA. Actual building work can finally start. 😁 ... that's all for now... Next update... will share our Decision No 3 : D&B contractor selection; Decision No 4 : PE selection; Decision No 5 : Lift or no lift?
  7. Thanks 3Cube. I thought the basement cost of $100,000 is already high. U added it could be higher... 😮.
  8. Hi 3Cube, Very useful information. Thank you. Could you share what is the land size and total buildup area of the project mentioned? When was the project completed, pre covid? If soil condition is good, still require raft or mat foundation? How much of the cost $343k is due to the basement? Thanks in advance.
  9. If engage with D&B contractor, foundation work will likely not included in the quotation as at the time of signing the contract with the contractor, the type of foundation suitable for your land is not determined yet. Only after Soil test result is available and PE hired to do the structural design/calculations would you know the foundation type, I.e. piling or deep footing (like my case) to support the columns and cross beams or no need if the soil condition is solid like in the Bukit Timah area. My place is just beside a river and sure enough the soil test result mentions piling is needed. However my contractor specifically requested the PE to check whether piling can be avoided, because the piling cost is very high (saw a quotation $130k to 150k for 36x piles by micro bore) and piling service is very difficult to secure because of Covid (want to pay also cannot get). In conclusion, the PE delivered good news to me which turned out to be bad news to him. I hv no problem to share the cost with my contractor, just trying to find out what is the fair price from the good guys in this forum
  10. Hi Snoozee, Agree with you. Cost adder is unavoidable. Thanks!
  11. I did not go to the archi route because I found that the architects I talked to mostly recommended contractors that they know or familiar to come for the bidding, thus did not also provide the confident I needed. Coincidentally I found this contractor of mine who is an honest man, visited quite a few of his building sites and I liked what I saw. Yes, you are right without the architect, there is no one to check and balance in situation like this. Back to this case, he explained the $240k quoted for structural works for the 3 levels + attic inter-t with total buildup of 4000sqft did not include the footings (as shown in the drawing attached) as he assumed piling would likely be needed. He estimated that those footing as indicated by the arrows would required 3x more cement and rebars as compared to what he has quoted for the structural works. He said that the actual cost increased would likely be more than $60k in today's Covid context. Sounds reasonable?
  12. The contractor explained that the new footing is 3x bigger than originally quoated. Too late to back to the archi route now. 😅
  13. Hi Snoozee, Was hoping to hear from you. Thanks for the quick response as always. I did not hire architect but engaged a design-n-build contractor to build my house with land size 1800sqft. The contract specifically stated piling work is excluded. What has been included in the structural works in the contract for the 1st level is column stumps, column & stittiners, RC ground slab, RC column and RC structure for footing which also include formworks and raft foundation. Sounds right? For a land size of 1800sqft land, is $60k for the construction of the footing reasonable? Thanks
  14. Hi Guys, Am rebuilding my home, just received approval from URA now proceeding to the next step of submission to BCA. Just received good news from PE that piling is not required. Piling is replaced with "big footing". At first, I was presently surprised and happy that piling is not required, as this would mean a huge saving on $$ and also time. But my happiness proves to be shortlived as soon after I received call from the contractor that he needs to add cost, $60k, for the "big footing". Need some advise here: 1. what is the different between piling and footing? 2. Should be worry about the structural integrity of the house as the soil test report clearing stated piling is recommended? 3. Is $60k reasonable? Should I even agree to the cost increase as the footing is considered as part of the contraction cost that is covered by the agreement/quotation with the contractor. Thanks!