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  1. What is the 32A isolator for? I am considering about making provisions. Beside the 32A isolator, what other connection needed, R232 eternet connector?
  2. Hi, Anyone have installed solar panels? The system comes with battery for elec storage from excess power generated during the day? what is the total cost and ROI? Regards, Daniel
  3. Hi Petetherock, Wanted the best of both worlds, an enjoyable place to call home for the next decade or more and yet achieve capital/investment preservation. \🙂/ Maybe it is not to be. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Hi Snoozee, Thanks for your input. Understand where you are coming from. However would like to push this discuss towards the perspective of investment. Say, the current purchase price is $2.3m, rebuild (max GFA) cost of $1.4m. If I were to sell in 5 to 10 years time and assuming the market remains constant, would the selling price now be $ 3.7m +/- $150k? Sorry about the novice question...
  5. Hi. Can share the quote and what are the works to be done? Thks.
  6. Hi all, Just bought an inter-terrace 2 levels. Land size 1900 sqf, build-up 2400 sqf which is quite sufficient for my family of 5. Although the house is in original, but condition is quite ok as the current owner take very good care of it. Regular maintenance and upgrades were done along the years. Now, I am at the cross-road to decide between (a) just a Reno, which cost about $350k~$450k (b) rebuild to maximize the GFA, which cost about $1.4m or maybe more. Pros and Cons have been assessed, they are pretty balance at this point... thus it all come down to this - will the $1.4m spend retained as the value of the property? I have been reading this forum for quite some time, found that there are a good spread of participants... investors, home owners, contractors, passionate people... Hope to gather opinions and experiences here to help me to decide. Thanks much!