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  1. Aircons, storage heaters maybe due for replacement. Solar water heater is worth installing.
  2. I chopped down a few 6m tall trees myself. Took me 2 month worth of weekends and was extremely fulfilling. Used cordless drill instead of saw. Now i really appreciate NParks tree management policies. U will need very understanding family members though.
  3. The QP has to declare that the fittings are compliant, not so much abt physical inspection. If u really want to use exotic stuff, TOP with HDB type fittings then after CSC, arrange to swap.
  4. Is best to have a seperate pedestrian gate if space allows. Open close for every human traffic is heavy wear and tear on the mechanism. The weight of the gate is increased by extra framing. If the human gate is accidently left open when bifold gate is activated, there will be a very interesting conversation in the household. Anyway if power failure, the mechanism have a manual bypass key to allow manual operation of gate.
  5. If planning a recon, i suggest this method of construction. The normal method is to dig a trench to lay the formwork for the ground beams. Then use the soil + vapour barrier plastic as the rough formwork for the bottom of ground slab. Avoid soil touching the ground slab. Leave a void between soil and ground slab by using bondek formwork. Many traditional tropical houses are built on stilts for similar reasons. Avoid termites and moisture issues.
  6. Are u doing rebuilding or a&a? High water table is not a trival matter. Casted the ground slab?
  7. Google for... mapei Tips to prevent efflorescence during tile and stone installation If u are suffering from this.. remove the stain and squirt in 502 superglue into the joint. MrDIY exremely cheap.
  8. Use just 1 DB box. If **** happens, u run to just 1 place to troubleshoot. U maybe familar with troubleahooting, other family members may not. Use tracklights instead of 6inch led downlights. Downlights require testpen to change the driver. If not familar with testpen, each swap is a $40 handiman charge. Tracklights are just plug n play connection. E27 holders on tracklights even better. Cove lighting is mood lighting and can rarely be used as general lighting. Strip LED lumen output is abt 3x lower than fluorescent extra bright tubes. U will need multiple rows of strip to get the same fluorescent tube effect. Plan your wifi router location properly and wire up that location. Cat 7 cables makes a big difference if u are a gamer and 1ms latency is critical. Cat7 has a length limitation, so siting yr data Patch panel location is also crucial. When buying china stuff from Taobao, avoid the cheaper no brand stuff. NVC and OPPLE are serious china brands with more selection than Philips. If u use SP wholesale electric price plan, solar panels will never breakeven financially. Car porch. .. put tracklights and light up your parked car as if its a motorshow event. Cater for some E27 holders and install those smart bulbs with candle flame features. Yr carporch can either be a disco or a campfire for your neighbour entertainment.
  9. Alternatively, make yr hse look like the poorest household on the street. Tie some rusty corrugated sheets on your fencing. Blue striped tarpolene works too.
  10. First step is to find pics of the facade u fancy. With the pic, then u are able to narrow down to which specialist subcon. Most likely it will be a steel framed wooden sun screen that is bolted on to the front facade. It could also be a greenwall.
  11. Google... RT+Q house with slots. Its an inter terr with a lot of holes giving it the detsched feeling.
  12. Are u doing A&A works? If there is no new water or electrical submissions then those depts do not have to come for inspection. Where are the actual physical meters now? If already dismantled, then no choice.
  13. Google search this term A multi-generational terrace home with a hidden swimming pool
  14. If the current structure is a semi D and the plot is big enough to be a detached, my preference will be to keep it as a semi D but physically build a detached. Semi D regulation is looser, and the 2m gap between the new detached structure and the party wall, u can consider putting a glass enclosure to look like a 3 floor high Green house. Similar to the restoraton of the old supreme court building / National Gallery Singapore