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  1. Google... RT+Q house with slots. Its an inter terr with a lot of holes giving it the detsched feeling.
  2. Are u doing A&A works? If there is no new water or electrical submissions then those depts do not have to come for inspection. Where are the actual physical meters now? If already dismantled, then no choice.
  3. Google search this term A multi-generational terrace home with a hidden swimming pool
  4. If the current structure is a semi D and the plot is big enough to be a detached, my preference will be to keep it as a semi D but physically build a detached. Semi D regulation is looser, and the 2m gap between the new detached structure and the party wall, u can consider putting a glass enclosure to look like a 3 floor high Green house. Similar to the restoraton of the old supreme court building / National Gallery Singapore
  5. Familarise yourself with the URA Masterplan, especially the landed housing control plan. It will state whether your plot is zoned for 2 or 3 storeys. It could also be zoned 1.4 or 2.8, but those numbers are irrelevant if u are building a landed property. There is no GFA control for landed property. U are capped by the envelope control. So if u are really into huge GFA, feel free to dig a few more basement levels. For info... GFA for landed is only relevant if u are sub dividing the land. The difference between the poposed GFA and the baseline GFA will be the development charge payable.
  6. Proposed additional gross floor area shall not exceed 50% of the approved gross floor area; External walls that are to be removed and replaced with new walls shall not exceed 50% of the approved external walls; Structural changes to the existing landed dwelling house (eg replacing or constructing new columns/beams and reconstructing existing floor slabs) shall not exceed 50% of existing building; Changes/replacement of entire roof (with/without resultant increase in height) shall not involve an additional storey; Where an attic is added, the increase in GFA shall be less than 50%.
  7. Google for Yong Fong Autogate. Their website has video of their trackless bifold gate.
  8. Build the pool after getting yr CSC. Just make sure yr design now does not have any services like sewer, or underground pipes in that area. Personally, i think pool is the biggest white elephant. Compromise is to provision for some removable decking over it so area can dual use.
  9. Pool is consider ancillary structure and Cat 2 roads got requirement. Cant post link so... Google for Ura semi-detached green buffer
  10. https://www.ura.gov.sg/Corporate/Guidelines/Circulars/dc19-08
  11. If purchase price is 2.7mil, and construction is 500k, total is 3.2mil. But if valuation of new similar hse in that area is 3mil, and loan is capped at 75%, the max loan u can get is 2.25mil. U might get 80% of the land purchase price, 2.16mil but that means loan for construction is capped at 90k, ie.. 18%.
  12. Have u tried finance companies like hong leong finance or sing investment? anyway diff banks hv different methods of GDV valuation. See can ask what the bank want to see that can increase the GDV. Maybe a basement or a pool etc.
  13. The bank is saying that they are willing to loan up to 75% of Gross Development Value (GDV). The bank is hinting to you that your construction budget is on the high side. If u take a normal property mortgage, u are not suppose to tear the building down without their consent. Based on your requirements, you might want to start off with a very basic construction budget and pile on the bling bling stuff after construction starts. This is risky but its a viable Plan B