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  1. Opps, just read the FAQ on used water. Last time can, now cannot. Furthermore, its reconstruction. Singlelandedpremisesrefertolandedpremisesorproposednewlandeddevelopments, which includes detached, semi-detached or terraced house/shop/factory on single or subdivided lots. If there are multiple lots within a site, each lot shall have individual and separate sanitary drain-line connection directly to the public sewer or public manhole within the road reserve. As above, new sewers that serve more than one lot (e.g. terrace houses) shall be constructed within the road reserve.
  2. Why cant reuse existing sewer connection? if its a terr hse, there shd be an existing line running across the entire backyard of the whole row of terr house.
  3. With regards to the BMSMA and LTSA, what is the perceived difference between FH and LH?
  4. See explanation notes para 5 (ii) https://www.bca.gov.sg/BuildingPlan/others/csc01.doc
  5. After the trip, we ordered 3 containers of tiles. But for the marble, after the local supplier heard abt our trip, they offered us a counter offer that was slightly more than the complete china price. They had excess stock from another big project and our timing was just right. A big advantage of using local supplier is that we take stock as and when tiles are installed. Alibaba suppliers are wholesale suppliers, selling by 20ft container vol. dry lay is an installer issue. Personally, i won’t use natural stones anymore. The latest homogeneous tiles look as real as natural stones and are much more scratch and acid stain resistant. Substantially cheaper too. Natural stones only look good with regular maintenance. Overtime, marble will look dull, which then requires polishing, maybe every 2years. Homogeneous tiles require zero maintenance. There are huge 800x800 or 1000x1000 tiles that can give that grander look that 600x600 marble tiles just cant replicate. All these “different perspectives” can be experienced at Ceramic City at Fosan. Bangkok has an annual architect expo around May. Another eye opener event.
  6. For 600 sqft marble, not feasible. Marble requires local supplier to dry lay at their warehouse for confirmation. That process involves many swapping of tiles. Natural stones is a very personal relationship much like custom fitting a wedding gown. Opinions can differ greatly. Imagine u kiasu over order say 30% to make sure enuf buffer to get the perfect look, after project finish, hv to throw/give away the excess stock as qty not big enough for any new commercial jobs. In the end no savings. Making the trip is more of a learning trip rather than a pure cost saving exercise. I travelled a lot, but going to fosan was my most humbling experience. SG market is really an expensive peanut.
  7. I have made 2 trips and if u hv interest in this topic, i strongly recomend everyone to make the trip to Ceramic City in Fosan. We brought tile samples from Sg to source for cheaper suppliers. They said our samples were low quality ones from 3-5yrs ago and no longer made. Probably ours were made in vietnam. Tiles were easily 30-50% cheaper, everything factored in. We thought we brought grade A marble sample there, but they said ours was lower than their grade B. And their grade A was still cheaper than our expected price. My experience is, china is leaps n bounds ahead of SG, and they are a lot more sincere than we perceive. Was really an eye opener. Eventually we ordered newer generation designs way beyond our expectations. take note.. shipments come in 20 foot container to site. To be cost effective, need to standby storage space n forklift to minimise high sg logistic costs. Everyone shd make the trip if can use up 26 tonnes of tiles
  8. To make it truly cosy, hv to be bright and ventilated. Can consider a jack up roof. Similar to chinatown shophouses. Can google for the images chinatown shophouse. solar tubes will give a spotlight effect. Not really a cosy feeling. Skylight is bright but will be hot and UV rays will cause discolouration
  9. Using diff roofing materials will look odd. Keep existing tile slope. Do a dormer roof over the extension area. Use same roofing materials. can google images dormer roof
  10. Horizontal grilles allow kids to step on as a ladder and climb over. fall from height barriers require a “Barrier QP” to sign off as compliant to BCA regulations. I doubt any QP will sign off on this design these days. Building regulations these days are both “descriptive” and “prescriptive”. QP has to certify compliance. Some regulations are not clearly spelt out but covered under “descriptive” safe use.
  11. Roof tiles are designed with a minimum slope angle to prevent wind from blowing water upslope. U mentioned reinstall roof tiles. The proposed new slope does look very gentle for roof tiles. Can google the topic roof tile minimum pitch
  12. Most jobs are done this way. Licensed plumber is not the same as driving license. Licensed plumber is more like a QP. He is responsible for ensuring that plumbing works comply with regulations.
  13. The RTO is hired by you. U can just sack him. All works must stop. MOM is safety like barriers. Just snap photo send to the number on the project signboard.
  14. During construction phase, achitect not so critical. The PE is most worried abt BCA and MOM inspections. Can feedback to these 2 depts abt unusual site conditions. Very effective if feedback is from owner.
  15. The architect is not responsible for any problems, delays or cost overruns. So why let such a carefree person manage the job. If at this early stage there are issues, u might as well get an entire new team to takeover. Court battles are fought with documentations. If architect is doing the documentation, imagine your position in court. Usually govt jobs appoint a project manager that the architect has to report to.