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  1. Hello, can I request u to PM me the contractor contact. TIA!
  2. @IceEyez because after leaving out the 5m green buffer, there isn’t much space left for a swimming pool given the existing build up.
  3. Upon checking the green buffer zone does belong to the owner. My agent has written to NParks too to check on the swimming pool part. Let’s see how it goes! Anyone already with an experience of such approval?? Wondering just in case they don’t allow, can I build one on the other side of the semi d, at the adjoining wall side? Guess have to consult an architect. It’s the location and the land size that’s luring me lol!
  4. There is a small road line reserve which has to be set back if redeveloping. But the green buffer line shows within the boundary of the land so I took it as it belongs to the owner. But thanks, I will double check and confirm this, didn’t really think of this!
  5. Anybody (individuals or contractors) ever had an experience with building anything on green buffer line zone? I’m contemplating buying a semi d but it is along a CAT 2 road (though the entry is not directly from the road), hence there is a 5m green buffer line reserve requirement. I would like to build a swimming pool hence would like to know if anyone experience this before and had any luck on getting permission from the authorities for the same? I have already checked with URA, they replied it’s upto NParks to give permission otherwise u cannot build any structure on that piece of land.
  6. Hi @mamamiasimmy. Can I pls request you to pm me your builder’s contact. Thanks in advance!