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  1. Hi, I am sourcing a gate for a semi-D, wonder which type of gate is better? Frontage: 10m, gate width: 4m. Would like to hear your thoughts. Thank you.
  2. What kinds of splits are better, multi splits or single splits? Prices are about the same. One aircon seller told me that single splits are better. I am concerning about the standby power. Anyone can share opinion? Thanks.
  3. Any idea where to buy pop up floor power socket? I searched over the internet for them with Safety Mark, but unable to find.
  4. Thanks, snooze. The roof is RC. Can check with you, a multi-split outdoor unit could weigh more than 60KG, can it be put on the ledge without a crane?
  5. It's a flat roof with a small gradient. Yes, the leak is a concern. On the other hand, there are many pros of putting the aircons on the roof like good circulation of heats, less noise.
  6. I am thinking to put aircons on the roof top and have the pipes running through the middle of the roof (big roof and running through edges is bit too far) for a new build of semi-D. An aircon seller said can, but no sure whether it causes issues like leaking in the long term. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  7. Where does the OpenNet termination point usually locate in a landed house, meter box or inside the house? I am planning for a new bulid. Guess this determines where I should put the router. Thanks.
  8. Thanks, @AWS, very detailed information. I'll buy all 3 types of SPD by myself in that case BTW, it seems to me that most of the electricity safety measures rely on the grounding - so proper grounding is super important.
  9. Thanks for the sharing, @AWS. For the surge protection devices, should one buy them and pass to the electrician for installation or request the electrician to source and install? Try to understand the common practice here 😅
  10. Very big size. BTW, do you use a RC roof or metal one? Mine is in the designing stage, not sure which one is better 😅
  11. Glad I have asked. This definitely is one of the important factors that need to be taken into consideration. 👍
  12. Thanks, snoozee. I was wondering whether to have multiple splits or VRF/VRV system
  13. Are you using VRF/VRV for the outdoor unit? Thanks for detailed explanation. It helps a lot