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  1. Yes, mould will still grow even with extractor fan. Fan only works when you are inside (or typically when light is switched on). When you leave after showering, the toilet is still very damp and fan would have been turned off. It also depends on how good your natural ventilation and lighting is from your toilet doorway. Dark and damp is what mould loves. Be prepared for more regular bathroom cleaning.
  2. My NVR is not fanless. I don't recommend fanless if one is using 3.5" hard drives for storage. Mine has 2 hard drives and is the 16-channel model. Heat is a major killer of electronics. I bought from Sxx Hxxx in Sim Lim but from their online shop in Lazada. I got my electrician to install the CCTVs but did the layout design/setup myself.
  3. My Asus router allows me to set up wifi network for guests very easily from phone app. You can decide duration, 2.4GHz or 5GHz etc.
  4. I'm using Hikvision NVR and it allows viewing from phone
  5. Wow, I have exactly the same setup in my storeroom under the stairs as you but my 24-port switch is TP-Link! I also located my main router in the living room for better wifi coverage and looped back to the storeroom. On hindsight, I would have preferred to locate the NVR in the upper floors and secure it somehow so burglars can't access and trash it so easily. It is also true that it's challenging to hide the whole bunch of CAT6 cables.
  6. I installed both induction (dry kitchen) and gas (wet kitchen) cookers. I catered for 2 LPG cylinders (1 on standby) below my gas cooker.
  7. I got tile discounts only through my contractor. Tile suppliers as with many other suppliers like countertops, vinyl flooring etc. will not offer discounts directly to end users. It is also up to contractor whether they want to pass on the discounts to you
  8. Yes, I have one on each floor. To @snoozee's point. a single POE AP is very likely cheaper than a router. However, in my case, I already had 3 existing Asus Aimesh-compatible routers. In addition, I got another free one by recontracting with M1. Another pro tip is it's cheaper (around 20-25%) to buy Asus routers from Taobao. No warranty though and you need to switch the default Chinese firmware to English in the settings. I
  9. Yes, when I was sourcing for contractors back in May, I already found that many I contacted were not very interested/responsive and were passing me off to their friends. The more popular/established ones can afford to pick and choose their customers.
  10. I'm using multiple Asus routers which are all using ethernet backhaul. Aimesh is Asus' mesh network system that turns their routers into APs.
  11. I'm using Asus AiMesh and it's pretty user-friendly and you have a great degree of control. I also have Ethernet ports in every bedroom and family area
  12. I found this local-based website getsolar.ai that gives an estimate on ROI and installation cost. Pretty interesting. It estimates your roof area when you provide your address on Google Maps and churns out an estimate based on your average monthly electricity usage.
  13. I was quite excited when I called up Admira and they told me they had a Traceless range at $68/sheet. When I went to the showroom, I found that the feel of the Traceless range is quite close to normal solid laminates albeit with anti-fingerprint properties . The closest equivalent in terms of feel to the Lamitak Protak range was their Xtreme range (which is also anti-fingerprint) which costs $112/sheet.
  14. I'm using matt black so fingerprints are still visible though not as bad as glossy. I tried the Lamitak Protak and it's very good in this regard. My contractor advised against Admira (not so good quality) and Jennings (old stocks left by other supplier) but I'll take that with a pinch of salt. Seems to be a number of bad Google reviews for Admira.....