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  1. Saw an old landed house (about 1990 built I think) recently. Was keen but pricing seems expensive but if I can manage with A&A instead of tearing down, may still be possible to buy. The owner does not have floorplans (too long ago...) but said I can bring an architect to view. I have the following questions: 1. Can I hire an architect just to view with me and tell me what alterations are possible? How much would it cost? 2. Can the architect tell by viewing on-site, without the floor plan? 3. The living room and small side garden of the house is elevated (maybe 1 m above road level), and the driveway is a ramp. Would it be possible to level the ramp to road level and have steps that lead to the door of the living room? 4. The second floor of the house is not level in that the front part (which is currently a huge bedroom) seems to be lower (like a mezzanine floor) than the back. Is it possible to bring it higher to level it as part of A&A? 5. I find all the windows a bit small and dated so it looks dark inside the house. In an A&A, can I enlarge the windows? 6. The half floor right at the top houses just 1 bed room. Can I demolish the whole half floor and the roof and rebuild that part to maximise the half floor … would that still be A&A? Appreciate any guidance.
  2. 1.5 million? What size is the land and what size is the built up for your project?
  3. Hmm, I was hoping I could do this ... but I gather it will be quite expensive and also more importantly, no assurance authorities will allow AFTER I buy... Is it possible to call URA to ask them? Which department would it be? And how do you find the front road level of a place?
  4. Thanks Snoozee! I have come across a house (semi D) before where, due to the slope on which the house sits, the back half of the house is one floor or half a floor higher than the front. I have some queries: (1) Would it be possible to dig out the back half to level the slope so the entire first floor sits on the same level? Any idea how much this levelling would cost if I am reconstructing the whole house? (2) This also means the back neighbours and those at the side will be much higher (about one floor) than mine. Any potential issues likely with that? Scared of landslide .... since my back boundary wall would have to "hold up" the back neighbour's house...
  5. Hi I hear you need to budget $400/ psf (based on built in area) for rebuilding a semi-d. Would this include tearing down the existing house? If not, how much does tearing down the house cost?
  6. Thanks Snoozee - you really are an expert! The way CapitaLand has done it is really nice.... pity it can no longer be done. Guess also need to find the right plot of land...
  7. Hi I always thought the building of a semi D must be 7.5 m from the main gate. How is it that CapitaLand can build their car porch all the way till it reaches the main gate (and beyond) so that it looks like a garage on the first floor? Anyone knows?
  8. Thanks, you are very knowledgeable! Why does it matter whether the current ground level is below or above the MPL? Even if the ground level is above the MPL, still can dig for basement? Not quite sure what you mean on requirements for basements with exposed sides ... what is "maximum allowed basement exposed level"?
  9. What kind of costs are we talking about to relocate the manhole? Is it possible to relocate out of the my plot of land eg outside the gate? For basement costs, are we talking about 100-200k?
  10. I have viewed a house once, where there is a round sewer metal cover in the backyard. Can that be relocated?
  11. Thanks. I'm looking at a semi D. For the attic, I thought the new envelope guidelines from URA don't require the set back from building line anymore? Haven't thought it through but thought it would be nice to have a basement car park... sounds expensive though.
  12. How would you know if there is the sewer running through the house? Would that mean you can't build a basement if you want to?
  13. Hi I'm thinking of doing something similar. Land size about 3000 sf with an old two storey house, which I would like to tear down and reconstruct a 2.5 storey house. For 3000 sf of land, I think I can get about 1400 sf of built up for the ground floor. Does that mean I can build up to 1400 sf x 3 for the 2.5 storey or must the attic have lesser floor space? I would like to max out if possible. How much would it cost to do this? How much additional would it cost to add a basement?
  14. Looking for contractor to help with my fibre broadband installation (I have false ceilings and want to conceal wires), and some general contractor work. Anyone can recommend any good contractors?
  15. Hi If I wish to knock out the marble flooring of my condo and replace it, any idea what kind of range of costs would be incurred? I know it would depend on quality of marble etc but only need a rough idea. Condo space is about 2000 sf but not all marble - only living and dining space. And if I want to replace the parquet in the bedrooms, what kind of range of costs? Any idea how long the contractors would need to do such tasks?