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  1. Hi Snoozee, these solar panels can last 20-30 years right? So even with 7 years ROI, from 8 years on you would be using the set up for free, no? I suspect when the SP tariffs shoot up to 40 cts kwh, the installation costs for the panels would also shoot up by then, such that ROI is still 6-7 years 🙂
  2. How many years have you got the panels? Are there on-going costs to maintain?
  3. Hi, can I check what is required to maintain a pool? Do the pool maintenance companies take care of everything?
  4. I've been told even Chengal wood will warp. It seems like composite wood is the only one that will not warp but people tell me it feels hotter to walk on under the sun compared to real wood. But what i wonder is if they can last after a few years. Anyone has any experience? Read the experience of a fellow forumer here:
  5. Thanks Snoozee. May i ask what's your rationale for buying SP wholesale electricity compared to those fixed price ones offered by the retailers like Keppel?
  6. Heard that sometimes, the contractors already mark up their pricing such that they dont need the remaining % (is it 5%?) retained to fix defects. So they dont care about fixing repairs? Is it possible to ask for more than 5% to be retained?
  7. In terms of costs savings, would a solar air con (which also requires solar panels to be mounted on roofs) be more cost efficient compared to a general solar panel that generates electricity for use for more than just the air con? Cos the latter option doesn't require a separate compressor and indoor unit (just to use solar) which also takes up addtional space ... you can use normal applicances, i think.
  8. Does the remission only apply for demolition? How about A&A? Also, how about the period when applying for BCA approvals etc but no construction work yet - does remission apply?
  9. Do you have to pay to fix your neighbour's wall? Or the contractors?
  10. Hi, just want to check how you guys check that the builders you appoint are financially sound? Even if you get their financial statements, you cannot tell how many jobs they currently are doing. Especially during these C-19 times, there could be delays in the construction eg due to manpower and hence the risk to your project stretches longer. Is there insurance for protection against the builders going bankrupt?
  11. I googled but can’t seem to find many options. Saw the endless one and checked out the astral website. Also saw a SwimEx one but not sure if it is spa or for Swimming. Astral one seems to be not a add-on. There are not many reviews for these things.... how long have you had your astral one and what’s the warranty period?
  12. Hi pete, is yours built-in or can it just be added onto an existing pool. Also, does it allow you to do breaststroke comfortably ... i read these machines blow bubbles straight into your face and may not be good for breaststroke.
  13. Hi, I have a small pool about 5x5 m. To make the pool more useful, I was wondering if I should enlarge it (now that I’m doing reconstruction) or get a counter current system. If I extend, I can only do it along the boundary wall (which is 1.8 m wide) so that the longest stretch of the pool will be 10 m. Not so familiar with counter current systems. Any one has any experience with it? Reliable?
  14. I have a small pool about 5x5 m. It is not that useful and I'm wondering if it is worth it to just extend one end along the side of my house (which has about 1.8 m gap to the boundary wall), so that the longest stretch would be 10 m. Alternative would be to get a counter current system? Does any one have any experience with counter current systems? Reliable?
  15. Guys, do you connect your CCTVs to some kind of alarm? or just pure surveillance? I dont intend to get an ongoing security company subscription and am looking at alternatives.