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  1. Are you referring to the certified survey plan on Inlis? Seems like can buy for $11.55. Separately, I have seen SIP searches where a particular address has two boxes of land joined together, does it mean the owner combined two plots of land? I have also seen one where the two boxes are not exactly joined .... though within the same boundaries of the address... what does that mean? Any implication for the buyer when buying such land?
  2. Hi Is it usual to get registered surveyor to check encroachment before buying a house? The house I have in mind has been sitting there like 20+ years...
  3. Hi I have seen old houses where the floor ( second storey) of an extension done in the past is sloping or not level with the floor of the original house. Very clear that that part is an extension and looks terrible with the sloping floor. Must have seen at least 2 or 3 of those houses. Why does that happen? Is it inevitable over time when you extend a part of your house? Can you sue the builder who did the extension or get him to rectify?
  4. Thanks for all your help. This semi-detached doesn't have a big plot.... and I'm already trying to extend the back walls to 2 m from the boundary wall. Can i place a washing machine in this 2 metre strip of land, perhaps against the back wall? My understanding is I cannot build on this strip of land but if I place a washing machine there (covered by roof eaves and retractable awning), should be ok? I'm also thinking of placing a stainless steel sink (like the attached) within the 2 metre strip.... so I can place a portable cooker to cook outdoors. Can?
  5. There were some numbers like 102.567/ 100.567. Are those the numbers of the top level and invert level? If so, does it mean the depth is 2 metres (the difference)? How many metres deep would it cause A&A costs to be higher than usual?
  6. Hi, Someone told me that I should take a higher mortgage loan on my property at interest rate of 1.3% p.a., cos I can use my excess cash to invest and anything I invest higher than 1.3%, eg 1.4%, I would have earned using the money the bank “lent” me on the mortgage loan. Is this calculation right? If the mortgage loan is at 1.3% p.a, is that the effective rate? How to calculate effective rate? Thanks!
  7. I saw an SIP of anor property I eyed many years .... i dont recall seeing the depth. Is it a new info stated?
  8. I gather the bulk of the cost in determining whether the 2nd and 3rd floors can extend backwards is RC trench. When the builder gives a quote, can they already tell how deep the RC trench is so that the quote is a fixed quote and not just an estimate which they can increase later when they actually dig? Also, separate question: Can i install a retractable awning to cover the 1 metre gap between the roof eaves at the back to the back boundary wall? I see some people construct polycarbonate roof ... is that permissible?
  9. Thanks! The roof is made of orange (turning brown) tiles .... does it make sense to change them to look new. Would that cost a lot? I saw the other thread on solar panels.... this house has sloping tiled roof so not sure if solar panels can be mounted. But how about on the car porch shelter - possible?
  10. Separately, if the old house doesn’t have a granny room, would it improve the value of the property if I cater for one in A&A? There is no lift. Not sure what the valuers take into account but if it helps value, I may consider catering for it.
  11. Thanks. Would you change the air con? Seems to be still working.... there are those that are attached on the wall and also one or two ceiling types flushed to the false ceiling...
  12. Hi, after buying an old house (about 20 years old), i'm not going to have much budget left ... intending to do A&A. What works should i do at the minimum so that i dont have issues with the house for the next 20 years? My list so far: 1. Change bathroom fittings 2. Change floor tiles
  13. Wow - request at no cost! Has that happened before? I would imagine that many houses have drainage reserve lines under them? What’s the set back distance for the sewer line?
  14. Can you share what kind of problems can be caused by these lines? I saw a house with a drainage reserve line across the front of (and inside) the plot and that plot also had a sewer line across the backyard area. What are the building restrictions on these lines? Ok if it is just the garden and car porch built over the drainage reserve line and the back yard over the sewer line? Prob most important, can the government seize the part of the land with the drainage line???!.
  15. I ask cos i wonder what is the impact on construction costs, if you buy the higher plot vs buying the lower plot.