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  1. I’m thinking of installing cassette air con into my false ceiling but some people tell me I will need an access panel cut near the air con for servicing purposes, yet I see many photos of homes with cassette air con without access panel near it. Anyone here has cassette air con who can enlighten me pls?
  2. Thanks, Snoozee. Very helpful pic. Does this allow you to change ceiling fans in future? The studs would be buried high up inside false ceiling?
  3. Hmm, doesn’t work for me. I think it only works with Hikvision intercom. I’m trying to use Panasonic or Aiphone intercom.
  4. Hi, can I check with those of you with metal roof, how do you mount a ceiling fan in the top floor? Understand they cannot be mounted on false ceiling but there is no concrete slab above for metal roof.
  5. Hi guys, i intend to get Hikvision CCTV cameras for my place and am now looking at the intercom/ gate system. Do you know if it is possible to link and view the Hikvision CCTVs to another brand of intercom monitor (indoor unit) (eg. Panasonic, Aiphone)? Ideally, besides viewing the CCTV thru app, i tot it would be useful to be able to view thru the intercom monitor too.
  6. Curious why you chose a card reader vs PIN. Cards can be duplicated without your knowledge even? I thought PIN might be safer... cos PIN can be changed at your end regularly. You can't reconfigure/ alter the card digitally...
  7. What model is this and how long have you installed it?
  8. Hmmm... I have the problem of gate intercom panel facing direct afternoon sun. No other location to install it. Want to check with you guys: (1) Many of the gate intercom units seem to be plastic, which i fear will not last. Anyone encountered any problems before? (2) Also, face recognition may not work in the glare - so i ruled this out. How about fingerprint scanner and the video lens of the unit - any issue under direct afternoon sun?
  9. I found these products on aliexpress but abit concerned about buying from China direct. Who is going to install and why if I have problems with the unit next time. Strangely it doesn’t seem that the SG retailers sell such stuff. Mostly sell Hikvision and Dahua which is quite limited in range.
  10. Is this red button same as the “break glass for emergency” box? Also, I have seen side gates with the intercom panel and a separate panel for PIN/ finger print access- seems to be running two systems. Any intercom panel that also incorporates access control, fingerprint, PIN, card access? Trying to reduce to one panel at the side gate. Closest I found is Hikvision which has intercom, access control plus card reader, but no PIN or fingerprint…
  11. I'm thinking of disconnecting the fan, then attach a silent fan in the cabinet. Like some of those used to cool laptops/ PCs. Separately, would you know if it is easy to move electric sockets? Helping a friend with some renovation of a room but cos the bed and bedside table will be shifted, he is thinking of moving the electric sockets. My guess is that if it is along the same wall, probably possible to hack a bit of the wall and hide the wires to connect to original socket. But if it is not on the same wall, maybe not possible ... Any thoughts? Even on same wall, is it possible to put in two new sockets when originally there was only one?
  12. Hi all, I have a lot of difficulty finding a fanless NVR for my CCTVs (7-8 of them, indoor and outdoor). Resigned to have fan but the reviews about NVR fan noise is terrible. Can I pls ask if you guys have any models to share, which is not so noisy?
  13. By reconstruction, do you mean a full tear down? Like a new erection? I read somewhere in this forum now construction costs is about $450/psf but the way i see it, it will not come down for the foreseeable future. Might as well bite the bullet now. Maybe don't do the full 6200 sf if your lifestyle don't require?
  14. Looks good! Wondering though... the setback from the gate looks quite short. Or is this the side view?
  15. Does any one know whether in a reconstruction, it is ok to remove old columns or beams on the common wall that are not supporting anything? My friend was told that her PE said the authorities will not allow for her project … sounds silly to me.