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  1. Hello! I finally purchased a plot of land for rebuild. Have paid the option. May I check the next steps to take and timeline if I wish to go down the architect path? Anyone knows current construction costs please? Thank you in advance for any tips and guidance!
  2. Thanks so much @snoozee , you’re really very knowledgeable!! So if it’s any main road (eg a 4 lane road that cuts through an estate that people use to drive through) i probably shd obtain an RLP?
  3. Hi snoozee, besides DIP & SIP, as well as title deed, are they any other information we should check on before considering purchasing a landed property please? Thanks for your kind advice.
  4. Thanks so much for the advice, I didn’t consider all these points. Will have to check further before committing then.
  5. Hello! We are currently looking for a semi detached home and have noticed one potential home whereby the car porch roof is shared with the neighbour (the two supporting pillars are on either side of the partition wall) are we allowed to demolish our side? What happens then. also I noticed the entire street’s semi detached houses are symmetrical. Can we demolish and rebuild/ change the exterior if we were to purchase this semi detached please?
  6. thanks for your encouragement guys! i am now soldiering on with the entire reno process in order to ensure screw ups are identified early, i've taken to coming down everyday after work to inspect everthing in my place which kinda makes it 1. real tiring (i do not drive, after enduring nearly an hour on the crowded bus, its close to 7 when i reach my new place; and there are no lights in my place cos the workers removed all the lights for electrical and painting works!! so i crawl around in semi-darkness holding a flashlight -- just like a burglar ) 2. real pointless (on certain days, hardly any work is done....) 3. real monotonous (routine revolves arnd work - inspect - sleep - work - inspect - sleep) but its a way to keep an eye on the reno works. so... bottom line is.... it is difficult to find a good and reliable id, much effort is needed on the homeowner's part really envy those people who managed to find a responsible and RESPONSIVE id! p/s IDs really get hospitalised v freq hor? my id said he was hospitalised, darren said he was hospitalised, my fren's id said he was hospitalised, some renotalk forumer's id said he was hospitalised... really high rate of occupational hazard it seems... e.g. smoke inhalation? electrical burns? near drowning? chemical exposure? poor guys.
  7. got so much more to say but i think i will stop. i hope things get better (but i am so disillusioned now)
  8. the nx 45% of payment is due but how am i supposed to pay when i've already given 15% and i fear i may be swindled of ALL my hard earned money? this is a nightmare come true. may u guys be spared of a scenario like this
  9. also, before we signed, he said he would required 4-6 weeks to handover now he sends us the estimated date of completion (note, he only sent this to us cos we asked him to estimate when works can be done) and it is in END AUGUST! *jaw drops* that is like almost 3 months! WTF. when we question him, he always has a million and one reasons.... really fed up of dealing with him everyday i tink of my half destroyed flat and i feel like killing him. p/s up to now NO 3D drawings h3ll, not even 2D drawings lah.
  10. im using PL too very unhappy with my id (none of the above mentioned) he appeared nice and helpful initally but once we paid him the deposit, everything changed (i expected this, but i didnt expect the service upon signing to be so exaggerately APPALLING) signed during late May, now almost end Jun, BARELY ANYTHING has been done he does not reply smses promptly but is PROMPT when it involves collecting MORE MONEY from us and i think he lied to me about some stuff the trust is broken but i've already paid up. really regretful.