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  1. Hi, Can I check how much is this model SRS-X99 can we just print out the $30 cash back and present it to any sony retail stores or any specify stores that only accept this $30 cash back Voucher?
  2. Ahyu it will be a few dollars different per square feet. Korea vinyl used DOTP material but china used DOP. I think i still trust korea products.I can't really remember in details but i think it would be better for you to go down to their showroom to find out more. I realised most renovators (interior design firm) would recommend China made Vinyl one... cheaper mah.
  3. I was doing a search for Vinyl Flooring and I saw this company. Visited their showroom to take a look at their products and was served by Eric (a very nice and patient sales) who tried to explain the differences between vinyl flooring manufactured in korea and china. But because of the prices different it was hard for me to choose but eventually convinced myself to go a better quality materials which i believe that it will be more durable and I have made the right choice! I am very pleased with their workmanship and services.
  4. went to SDS and spoken to the designer. hve received his quotation n think his quote quite reasonable n most likely will get SDS to do the renovation as compared with other few companies that have quoted me.
  5. But is better to believe. At least I feel at ease after consulting the Fengshui master whether turns out good or bad
  6. Hi I just want to check if my living room got the wallpaper but already outdated n we are looking to replace it. Can we just lay your wallpaper over the existing one or there will be a charge to remove it?
  7. homelover

    Triple S

  8. maybe you can consider Philips since now they are offering renotalk members $15 off on their lights. compared to other brand of course Philips products are more reliable! I think there is one thread under the home furnishing or other place cant remember where I saw the ads.
  9. Wow this is so scarly...imagine I just shifted in and the first time that greeted me is the popping tiles...
  10. Maybe you can take a look at Philips Lighting I saw their promotion in Renotalk and went down to take a look at the products and consider worth buying because I personally went down to balestier and I find some shops the lights are cheap but quality wise.....
  11. Hi I am very keen to purchase the "FLIGHT", can I check are you able to give further discount for that. Can I check what you mean by stretching services?
  12. you can consider submitting your renovation requirements using the renotalk asking for quotation system http://www.renotalk.com/main/Renovation/Quotation/RenoQuoteRequestFormpg2.php. Quite useful. Has got my IDs through here and what is good is able to get a few IDs without the need to source for one and at the same time can do some research on the ID through renotalk forum.
  13. ok will pm you. I saw the design of the kitchen they designed have asked them to design something similar like that. Will try to show you the design if I got a chance to get the photo from them
  14. Nice Kitchen!! Currently I am comparing this company quote with the other two. Prices about the same but they have shown me a few showroom photos and I am quite interested with it. But havent make up my mind yet waiting to meet up again with another company. Will let you know when I hire their service and renovation starts. But I guess you are also looking at renovating soon right since you are about to get your keys.