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  1. Sorry for delayed reply to all asking for contacts, was told by main con that they were unable to take on any projects due to manpower constraints.
  2. The heat penerated through the glass panel is no joke and especially worst as my orientation faces west, hence decided to add a teak trellis under it. It looks better than expected and more importantly it reduces the heat by at least 1 to 2 degree.
  3. Of course it's doable but you must be prepared to live in this messy condition.
  4. I don't think 1 mil is enough, for 3 storey plus basement would give you at least 5500 sq ft of built up area, if I based on $350 psf, you will likely have to budget more than 2 mil with basement. Just my opinion.
  5. I had one, but my living room height is 5.6m. My mezzanine and below it is about 2.6m.
  6. Agree with Kellhound to place it at rooftop, I had it at the rear of my attic. Easy to do maintenance and no obstruction.
  7. Common ones like cracked tiles, uneven paint, scratches on timber flooring, dirty and stained glass railing. Many more, it will surface one by one when you have moved in. Good thing is main con is responsive whenever I feedback to them, the hassle is got to clean up everytime when they rectify it.
  8. Faced with a small hiccup but nevertheless all settled and moved in after some delay. Expect defects here and there, its a hassle whenever workers come and rectify it. It will take sometime for some other defects to surface especially when I rushed to move in and didn't really inspect the property properly. Meantime had to bare with it and enjoy my new hobby, happy gardening.
  9. That means your ceiling height would be 2.8m after leveling, that's very low.
  10. Hopefully no news is good news for my case. Thanks Snoozee
  11. Yes, QP has submitted the photographs last week, still no news yet.