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  1. Snooze has rightly advised the best person you should go to will be your builder, at least you would be able to know the feasibility and costs.
  2. Its quite a huge job from design phase to erecting reinforced concrete beam, I beam and laying of laminated glass.
  3. Its more of a personal preference and also I saw quite a bit of polycarbonate sheets turn yellow over time and kind of aesthetically unpleasant.
  4. I think is not a straight forward thingy just by replacing with cantilevered roof, I remembered that when I decided to change to laminated glass instead of polycarbonate sheets, the Structural engineer got to do resubmission as glass is much heavier and stronger concrete beam and steel bar needed
  5. I really like this solid teak wood main door designed by my carpenter.
  6. Thank, just a simple and modern design that suits my needs. PMed contact
  7. Window panels almost completed, carporch cantilever structure completed. Timber fencing has started. It seems like work progress is getting slower nowadays..haha
  8. Snooze has given an excellent piece of advice, it's better to do a complete rebuild now, no point doing a bit here and there, then regret couple of years down the road for not doing so. Matter of fact is rebuild is more cost effective and you get to do what you like, whilst AA maybe smaller in quantum but not really cost saving.
  9. Unless you are rebuilding your house and its on high ground which is then required by BCA to install one, if that's the case your architect should advise you accordingly. As for my rebuild, after architect submitted my drawings without, however BCA replied that i needed one.