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  1. Snooze has given an excellent piece of advice, it's better to do a complete rebuild now, no point doing a bit here and there, then regret couple of years down the road for not doing so. Matter of fact is rebuild is more cost effective and you get to do what you like, whilst AA maybe smaller in quantum but not really cost saving.
  2. Unless you are rebuilding your house and its on high ground which is then required by BCA to install one, if that's the case your architect should advise you accordingly. As for my rebuild, after architect submitted my drawings without, however BCA replied that i needed one.
  3. Workers removing scaffolding today. Overall progressing well and hope to have TOP before Christmas.
  4. If I were you I would do a complete rebuild instead of just adding 2nd floor and attic, you won't get much saving and what you probably get after completion would be "neither here nor there" type of house, not much enhancement or increase asset value in future when you want to sell. Get a good design and build company or architect to advise you. I think 1.5 mil is doable.
  5. Yeah, just hope. BTW maincon says possible before Christmas, take it as bonus if TOP before Christmas.
  6. Glass railing at mazzanine installed, timber flooring started as well. It looks like moving in before Christmas is possible now. Cheers
  7. Haha, mine also same facing, afternoon sun is terribly bad, especially at the attic