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  1. Since 2018. Probably need the solar panel provider to clean the panels once every 2 years. The savings is really not worth the capital outlay and I really regretted installing them.
  2. you are right! I paid about 24k per year in property taxes for 3 years (after the 2 years tax remission ended) when my builder played punk and delayed the project.
  3. I spent 30k plus for the solar panels and get a measly $100 plus every month from SP. Totally not worth the money and hassle and not mentioning you have to engage the solar panel company to clean the solar panels once every 2 years. This is due to grime and bird droppings on the panels which will affect the yield.
  4. Hi! All, Is there any 3rd party lift contractors doing servicing and maintenance for Schindler lift? Schindler is charging 2k plus annually which I find it steep. Thanks
  5. but my house was newly built 3 years ago Is there another way besides A&A as I am ok with the internal layout I am just looking to enhance the look of the exterior of the house
  6. My house's facade looks boring and uninspiring. Is it possible to change the facade and if there are such companies specialising in this type of job? Thanks
  7. Hi! George, can pm the contact details of your contractor? Thanks!
  8. Hi! Shane, Is this a newly rebuilt corner terrace or semi-d? Can I have the contact details of your contractor / architect? Thanks!
  9. Hi! Snoozee, What is the consequence of moving in before TOP is obtained? Basically the house is 100% done except to submit the documents to BCA. I desperately need a place to stay as my lease is expiring soon. Thanks!
  10. The architect probably woke up after I went to BOA to seek him out. There is no performance bond whatsoever and not even a contract. There is no unreasonable expectation from me except that I have trusted this main contractor too much. I did not think too much about it when friends and relatives were asking the reason for the long delay. What are these professional contract management firms? Can provide a few names?
  11. Spoken to BCA and they said it is tough to get another contractor to take over and sign the THE BUILDER’S CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION OF THE BUILDING WORKS unless the incumbent contractor passes away or becomes insolvent. Right now I am at the mercy of the actual architect and have to be very patient with him while I try to approach the various government agencies such as NEA, PUB, LTA to assist to "push" him to do the necessary submission. It is a slow and painful process
  12. Hi! Snoozee, Kindly advise if I can get another contractor to sign the Form BC-BC (Builder's Certificate of Completion of Building Works) if the incumbent contractor refuses to sign. The Form BC-BC is one of the outstanding documents as stated in the TOP Inspection Report. I sense that this contractor is playing punk with me. The main contractor is also contributing to my TOP woes and I thinking of getting another contractor to clear the mess finish up the job. What is the procedure? Thanks!
  13. Hi! Snoozee, Are you able to recommend a reliable architect willing to take over? Now my priority is to get the TOP done and move in. Lodging a complaint with the BOA will take time and is not going to resolve the TOP issue but I will certainly consider to do so after the TOP is done. Thanks.
  14. An update of the TOP inspection yesterday morning; the BCA Inspector requested for the Structural Plans C1, C2 & C3 which the "so called" architect claimed that he needed probably a month to get it and this is where I blew my top. In addition, the following are yet to be submitted: 1) Fire Certificate 2) NEA Clearance Certificate 3) PUB Clearance Certificate 4) LTA Clearance Certificate 5) NParks Clearance Certificate 6) Bomb Shelter Certificate I checked with the company doing the structural plans and this is what they said "we submitted the asbuilt piling but the officer asking for ecc, we had requested from both builder and peck brothers but they haven’t get back to us. So the asbuilt submissions are superseded." Now the real architect (who was there yesterday) remains uncontactable again. Back to square one again.....