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  1. Scammers are all around and there's nothing much we can do when we fall prey, even by reporting the case to police. Just look at the recent sim lim saga on scammers operandi modus. It's upseting especially for home owners that we do no have much building knowledge or when we meet these scammers that r out to cheat which practically disappear after collecting money. Yes, they probably just change company name and contact number with a different name and their scam business resume. Uploading their photos are probably the best way to identify and avoid them.
  2. I believe it's really tramatising to deal with all these contractors/builders/architects that do not have the substance but are just out to cheat the home owners. Worst still, it seems that URA, BCA, BOA, etc are not doing enough to put as stop to all these by blacklisting them or revoking their licences despite ongoing compaints and investiagations against them. The least that we could do is to share all these info and their pics etc here to prevent any other potential preys from falling into their scam.
  3. Just saw this old thread. Think is the same guy posted earlier. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/17629-thaj-homes-feedback/
  4. Maybe u should check out the builders to avoid thread too. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/60544-builders-to-avoid/
  5. Just met a few builders and did a random check and was so shocked to put out information regarding one of the "directors" which have 20 over companies registered under is his name. And well, his office address on his namecard is actually a HDB home address. Simply ridiculous.
  6. Buckrogers, Sorry to hear about your case. Any photos/pic of them so that we can avoid them? These scammers can easily fold their companies and open up a brand new one the hide their misdeeds.
  7. Sometimes I just feel that house owners are just at the mercy of all these unscruplous contractors/ architects who are out to con after having paid up so much upfront but none was completed. I believe there are more cases out there but it was never brought to light for the fear of inviting more trouble. Just saw the comments on the blog from all the various owners talking about their experience. Really scary!
  8. That's really one good point to take note of when engaging a builder. From what I read in the blog its seems that this pro-claimed builder is out to cheat with his tactics, glad the blogger actually posted a photo of him cos I believe builders can just start up another company since you mentioned it's so easy to be a BCA licensed builder and continue his cheating.
  9. Yes, agreed not to chose the cheapest quote. One of the blogs that I have come across that talks about the home owner choosing the cheapest quote and resulting in a scam. http://rmfalconscam.blog.com/
  10. Hi all, Have been reading this forum sliently till now that I am soon to embark on my rebuild process. A very informative forum for a new house owner like me. I thought of starting this thread for the list of irresponsible builders/ bad builders that being house owners ourselves has come across. I guess it always good to warn one another who are the builders that we should avoid. In my midst of reseraching on the builders, I read this blog (luckily) and I feel that it should be shared just in case anyone falls into the trap again. http://rmfalconscam.blog.com/ Please feel free to addd on to the list if you have any encounters with any other bad builders as reference for future fellow forumers to avoid.
  11. Hi all, Currently sourcing for a builder to rebuild my house. Anyone with any recommendations that you have used before personally?