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  1. Thanks! I tried to get my builder’s help but he not being very helpful. Hence checking to see if the rest have better experience. Did your builder include you in routine testing? Mine says it’s only for people in his company? not sure why 3cube has to be so angst in his reply. nobody is suggesting to bypass, we can all share our positive experience. No need to play righteous cop here.
  2. Hi guys the new regulation for now is that all have to be swab before we can go to construction site once every 14 days. That is kind of expensive every 2 weekly. Anyone has different experience where to get cheaper testing?
  3. Thanks snoozee! The 32A isolator should be within reach? And out of weather elements right?
  4. To ride on the solar topic, anyone knows what provision we should do to prepare for solar installation in the future? Currently in the midst of A&A. like in terms of electric wirings / isolator etc.. or just simply do it when we are ready for solar? Thinking of getting it few years down the road.
  5. Hi would like to tap on the collective knowledge of the community here.. Does anyone know if we are able to install grills on the car porch balcony? I understand from my builder than it is not allow to be enclosed. But for safety of children, what are our options to secure car porch balcony?
  6. 6 months into my 8 months of A&A, so far I would say my builder is a decent and easy to work with guy. Quotation was the among the better side. Can contact Vincent (Rich Element) (I got quotes from 3E, Morningside, The carpenters + 3 other builders whose name I can’t recall) Sharing cos we really think he’s a nice guy so far. #NotSponsored #NotAffiliated
  7. That’s very clear thanks! Sorry another question so cement screed and tiling on top of the pre-cast slabs are perfectly fine right? If PUB ever needs to work on it, we will have to hack?
  8. Thanks Snoozee for the insight, don’t wanna get anyone in trouble... Just to clarify, but the RC trench will be inspected by BCA to ensure it’s properly done up right?
  9. ? yes I think I read many expensive experience on RC trench and we were quite scared. Our builder assured (put in contract) that it will not be more than $10k, maybe cos ours is inter-terrace and smaller. I think it was around 2m deep?
  10. I extended back 1st & 2nd floor 5.9m x 6.7m (need to reinforce RC trench is another $10k job) new roof, upgrade electrical to 3 phase 60A, hack and relay new tiles, relocate toilet and kitchen so changed plumbings, was quoted between $450k to $750k, in the end we chose the $450k guy cos our colleague used him before. So far so good, need approximately 8-10 months for A&A. 3 months in Reno now! I would say just go and talk to a few builders and see their projects, design and build firms are cheaper than architect if you just want not so much design. Extend 1m behind if no RC trench maybe cheaper? 2nd storey if want to extend 1m, not sure if it can be a balcony or light weight structure, need to check with the rest of the seniors here ?
  11. I remember an architect told me before that if they retain enough pillars and walls then it will be considered reconstruction? Maybe can check with them how much need to be retain. Also can email BCA or PUB to ask if you need to clarify on your site’s specific situation. We made the mistake of listening to so many contradicting stories from Builders and architects, in the end asking the officials can be quite simple. But I Guess don’t over ask like it’s a counter service.
  12. Hi just wondering if anyone has experience doing a rainwater harvesting system for their house use (gardening, flush toilets) Be it DIY, or professionally done with underground tanks and pumps.. seems to be quite normal in other countries like Malaysia. ? would like to know how the PE run the pipings.. and pros & cons etc
  13. Thanks Petetherock for the thread! And Snoozee for the detailed explanation. We have checked with the contractor, according to him single phase 100A would not require inspection, only 3 phase 100A, I suppose it’s as per what Snoozee mentioned for 45KVA supply. The idea of planning for future electric car charging at home porch is tempting haha. Since gonna phase out ICE cars by 2040 right. Getting a few quotations for solar now, probably will do a small one sufficient for now and maybe upsize 10 years later. Still considering....
  14. Yes can search effects of asbestos includes lung scaring and cancer. The MOM approve workers have to sealed up the whole place to prevent any fibres from getting out during disposal and they have to remove their PPE in an enclosed space. Disposal is also specified. So definitely can not remove asbestos ourselves.
  15. Hi Snoozee & petetherock thank you guys for the invaluable advice once again! I did not know that single phase 100 amps require annual inspection. What’s the inspection cost like? (Tried to google but can’t seem to find the info) will definitely talk to the contractor about changing to 3 phase 63amp. And maybe add the infrastructure for solar grid connection. Any ideas on whether solar make sense here? Read that typical lifespan is around 25 years, and the warm weather here degrades the PV cells faster. Sell back to grid if you’re SP user and if you’re open market user there a difference in calculating. And there’s a Intermittency Pricing Mechanism? Sounds suspiciously like additional tax for using solar.