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  1. Bro, do you mean metal roof are better at reducing roof heat that than brick one? I thought metal will conduct heat faster haha. I need to ask my architect about the heat insulation under roof. Did you do this?
  2. Did you install also? Do pass me your contact if possible. Do you think it make sense to do the panel for new house ?
  3. Hello bro, would you mind sending me his contact? I couldn’t seem to pm you
  4. I was told solar film will actually need to replace after a few years due to degradation, not sure if it’s true. How about adding louver? I think there are quite nice design nowadays using aluminum type. Do you guys think installing solar panels will reduce the roof heat?
  5. Thanks everyone for the insight. I think I will still do up the pool as my wife and kids want it. Do you guys have your builders include it into your package or it makes more sense to buy it ourself separately using some better brands?
  6. If need to plan for 2m then it will Be 2+0.6+0.4 for the wall and concrete at both side. This will be like additional 1m waste of the land
  7. Guys, just to check if anyone has experience or recommendation for width of a lap pool. Will 1.5m width be too small? I know ideal is 2m but because we need to have a deck walk path which is around 60cm so if having a 2m width pool means it’s around 2.6m from boundary which east into the house space. Anyone has seen 1.5m width pool before and will it be too narrow?
  8. So your side wall is hit by the sun too? I was thinking to plant some tall trees and also have full window and put insulator solar film instead of wall at the side hit by sun
  9. Are we allow to put canopies or shelter on top of pools to shade out the sun if I want to have a pool on the side setback?
  10. My bad, yes my house is semi d and is facing slightly north west with the west side not join to the other house. That’s the side that is hot hot hot haha. Maybe can do some tall trees or plants but my wife want a swimming pool. Anyone happens to have some reliable builder or designer to recommend ?
  11. Guys, I have since moved on from this house and have bought another house instead. This time this house is regular shape, minus point is it’s side is west facing so I am looking for any ways to minimize or remove the heat as it has now become my pimary concern. Anyone has experience on any good suggestion or ways ?