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  1. Hi Hi No doubt it has been hot in Singapore this past month, but I find my master bedroom, which is located directly below the sloping roof, unbearably hot during afternoons. There is a false ceiling between the roof and the master bedroom, but that doesn't seem to help insulate the room much. Does anyone have any experience to share about external heat insulation that can be done to concrete roofs that can help to reduce the heat that can transmitted to the rooms below? Seek you kind advice please. Thanks.
  2. Hello friends I know there is a thread relating to this topic but a few years old. I am posting this question in the hope of seeking more updated advice and opinions from folks here. My house is 95% done with the rebuilding. Currently, kitchen cabinets are almost done, while wardrobes are roughly halfway completed. Before construction started, termite treatment was carried out. And over the last year or so, weekly fumigations were also carried out onsite, until abt 2 weeks ago when the last fumigation took place. I want to engage pest control services to do preventive treatment of any pests that might be in the house eg booklice, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs or any other common bugs. They could have been brought in during the construction months unwittingly by workers or via equipment/materials brought onsite. I just want peace of mind before moving in (ie. I am being kiasu/kiasi). I am fully aware that any treatment can only tackle bugs which are present now in the house, but does not mean such bugs will never surface again. I understand that fumigation/fogging may stain walls/floors (mine is marble) as it leaves behind an oily residue. Misting is the other alternative, but being water-based, I was given the impression that the spaces above false ceilings may house wirings and misting should not be used there. Do you have recent experiences to share/advise me? What do you recommend that I do? And any reliable service provider you have used? Many thanks in advance for sharing! cheers
  3. Dear friends I would like to find out if anyone has knowledge/experience dealing with waterproofing works during rebuilding, beyond the standard additives applied to the relevant areas exposed to the elements. For me, I am using a high quality additive for my roof already, that’s what my designer tells me. As for perimeter vertical walls, dual layers of bricks are used everywhere, water seepage risk is supposedly very low. Will you ask for additional waterproofing treatments and for which areas? Kindly share your thoughts. Thanks very much.
  4. Hello friends I understand that for semiDs, there needs to be setback of 2 meter on the side and rear. I want to incorporate canopies to prevent rain from coming in via the windows. Something like what the photo depicts. I am told that for the side of the house, the canopy can extend up to 1 meter from the boundary wall. However, for the rear of the house, there cannot be such a canopy. Or that’s what I am told. FYI, currently my rear wall is 2m away from the boundary wall already. Can anyone who is knowledgeable about this rear canopy kindly advise me if indeed there is such a constraint imposed by regulations? I basically want to install a canopy at the backyard of the house too. Thanks very much in advance!
  5. Hi Hi Does anyone have any lobangs for Miele or De Dietrich kitchen appliances please? Thanks!
  6. Hi Hi Does anyone have any lobangs for Miele or De Dietrich kitchen appliances please? Thanks!
  7. This explanation is as clear as it can ever be! thanks for your kind advice!
  8. i chanced upon this old thread while googling for guidelines on entrance width. Is 4m the max width for the main gate opening for a semiD? On page 38 of this LTA document, it says max 4.5m though. https://www.lta.gov.sg/content/dam/ltaweb/corp/Industry/files/COP-Appendices/RT-COP-V1.2.pdf Anyone can shed more light? Thanks
  9. Hi All How much do I have to budget reasonably for a average size swimming pool for a semiD rebuilding? Thanks
  10. Hi All Am asking for a friend. Does anyone have a reliable contact for repainting of a semiD house, both inside and outside. House is about 12y old I think. What can one expect to pay? Thanks
  11. For landed homes, how does one clean windows or glass wall that is, say, 2 storeys' high? Are there cleaning companies that specializes in this area? Pls share your experience. Thanks
  12. Appreciate if you can recommend Soil Investigation companies for landed redevelopment. Thanks
  13. Like which lift brands? I think I called one of the guys you recommended and was indicated 300+. Thanks
  14. wow...the regular maintenance cost is not cheap... $300+ per month?