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  1. Hi I have an existing lift with lift shaft (around 1750mm x 1750mm) with lift pit depth (around 750mm) serving 3 stops. Anyone has recommendation of elevator company that can replace my existing lift or make use of existing fixture to re-construct a new one (i.e. lower the costs of lift replacement)? I am open to both hydraulic or traction lift.
  2. Hi Any recommendation for painter for the exterior and interior of Landed? Anyone has any experience with the costs of momento painting?
  3. While my house is still undergoing A&A, the builder told me that I have to contact Starhub to see if my SCV cable is still in working condition. The old cable is now dangling near the main gate. Does anyone know of the right procedure to address this?
  4. My terrace is under A&A now, and the builder hacked away the existing fibre optic cable. Now I have to figure out the how to get a new fibre optic cable installed in the house. May I know if any of you have similar experience? I was told by NetLinkTrust that I will need to get a contractor to do a Fibre Readiness Certification. And I have no clue at all what to do after that, or do I really need to go through this certification. Or do I just apply internet access through Singtel, and they will address all these technical issue?
  5. For my reconstruction of corner terrace from 2 to 2+attic, it is below that range. So far, I am quite satisfied with the progress and the builder. I guess the extent of the work (e.g. whether piling needed etc) will also affect the psf.
  6. Hi, I am looking for auto-gate system suppliers too. Will be grateful if you can share your experience and what are the product features you look out for? Thanks
  7. Hi Will appreciate it if anyone can share contacts of responsible & reliable contractors for: - uPVC windows or double-glaze windows. Will be grateful if you have any comment on the difference in term of sound-proofing quality and pricing of these windows. - Sliding doors (uPVC type or other sound proof types) - bi-fold doors - bedroom doors (not veneer type as I prefer more durable type) - main door Cheers!
  8. Recently I was searching for ID to renovate my terrace, and to advise us on various issues (e.g. space planning, electrical planning etc). It seems like there are many different packages for landed renovation : (1) ID requested a designer fee (e.g. $4k) before they do anything. Their view is that you have to trust their track records to do a good job. (2) ID said they will give you competitive price but they want you to provide the space planning first. (I think they are mainly carpenter contractors who are not specialised in design) (3) ID do simple space planning, and quoted for the work. They will provide 3D drawing (some may have limit on the number of copies) after you pay deposit. They will also provide all the other drawings (electricial, technical, etc) after your down payment. (4) ID that provides space planning, do an estimates of the costs. Once you paid the designer fees (around $3 - 5k), they will provide all the drawings and plannings. However, you are not obliged to order all the works quoted although there is a minimum order quantity (e.g. $30k). This ID focused on interior design.
  9. I opted for a hydraulic lift over a electrical motor. I think the costs also depend on whether you need the lift shaft constructed. Managed to find a good and friendly contractor that offered me a competitive price, after checking quite a number of suppliers. My terrace is still under recon, so the lift is not installed yet.
  10. I am still in the midst of reconstructing my terrace (now building the attic). I went through the same phase as you do - whether to get an architect first or just work through the builder. After weighing various factors (e.g. costs, experience and trustworthiness of builder) and visited various completed projects by different builders, I decided to work with my current builder. So far, the progress has been very good and he offered a very competitive quote.
  11. Hi, We have just bought a old terrace and hope to extend the build-up areas. Being a newbie with limited budget, I probably have to figure out my way slowly. Hopefully, we will meet some kind souls who will help us along our journey to build our new home. I was thinking, maybe some of you have worked with good builder for terrace A&A before. Perhaps in return for their good work and services, you can share their contact with us (either pm me or email me at pland1228@gmail.com ) ? We will be most grateful for your help. Cheers! Panda
  12. Hi, snowblind, me too - and my bets are bigger. I am going to gamble on buying big items like sofa set n dining set from TaoBao ! Still trying to figure out how to buy from Taobao now.
  13. Have not been able to get in touch w3Dyms anymore. Maybe she has stopped visiting renotalk now. In case she re-visit this blog some time later, i will like to know her about the sticked-on wooden strips used to create the boxy modern classic look on the wall and wardrobe - are they durable? Will they come off easily? Heard you are unsatisfied with the work of ID in the end, is it true?