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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, I am new to this forum and can't seem to find any help regarding this topic. Am hoping someone here can provide some useful input.. My renovation permit was approved from 1 March - 3 May however renovation works was unable to complete and will have to extend. So we got approval by the condo's MCST (on the spot) to extend to 3 June. We tried to ask for extension to end of June however the MCST lady will not allow she also implied that with this maybe my ID will speed up his works and get the renovation done. So time flew and on 29 May, I received an email from the MCST saying that my reno permit has been revoked immediately due to my ID's company staff not following the rules: 1) Not having mask on 2) Leaving door and windows open where dust are flying to neighbour's units (However at that point of time my vinyl worker was working on the flooring at the main door thus the door has to be kept open) Email also stated that we can re-apply for another reno permit but it will take 1 week process time to approve. (Why do they need 1 week when previously we have seen instant approval?) I wrote in email saying that I do understand the neighbour's frustration and I have NO MEANS to delay the reno works at all. I would love to move in ASAP however there is alot of things that we cannot control thus leading to delays. I have explained that this is my first time hearing this and after making it known as owners what I can do is to get my ID/Contractor to enforce the mask wearing rule and close the door at all times. However I really don't think it is fair to just revoke my reno permit and stop all my works at this crucial period? (Handover estimated to be 3 weeks time) I also submitted an application for my reno permit (Just in case they want to use the 1 week's lead approval time on me) 2 days later today, Monday 31 May we made our way down to the management office only to be told that the office in charge is not in office (due to 2 ppl Cover restrictions) and no one can handle and insisted that we leave our application date blank. I insisted to backdate it to 29th May as I did email them the application form that day and since they insisted on the 1 week approval lead time and they did not allow. My main issue now is that is MCST allowed to revoke my renovation permit like that? When no warnings were given to us prior or whatsoever. And if they were to drag my approval date, my handover gets delayed as well, isn't it a win win situation if my reno works get cleared as planned (3rd week of June) so I can stop being a nuisance to the residents as well. Kindly advise on what to do on this issue 😞
  2. Stone suppliers in Singapore carry a wide range of kitchen tops. From natural stone like granite, marble and sandstone to solid surface kitchen tops and engineered quartz stone, each type of stone has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the desired aesthetic tastes and functionality. So how do you choose the right thickness for your countertop? There are several types of kitchen countertop stones which have their own physical characteristics. Depending on each homeowner’s individual lifestyle and expectations, different types of stone would work best. Today, we’ll take a look at the different thicknesses of countertops in production, their advantages and disadvantages. 10-13MM, OR ABOUT 1/2 INCH COUNTERTOPS. One of the first questions you’ll be asked by a stone supplier is the thickness you want. While thicker stones are preferred for their dramatic but minimalist look especially for natural stone or quartz, thin countertops have several advantages that any smart homeowner should consider carefully. THINNER AND LIGHTER. The biggest advantage that thin, 10-13mm countertops provide is lightness. Gravity does nasty things to a heavy slab that’s hanging off a surface, and trying to fasten it vertically would be a technical impossibility without special support systems in place. In many applications where the slabs hang freely and unsupported, excessive weight would jeopardize the structural integrity of the piece if special load-bearing or anchoring system is not in place. They are also much easier to work with and handle and do not require eight people just to move a slab from the ground floor up to your place. Stone Italiana Quartz carries exceptional 13mm quartz kitchen tops in three types of finishes; polished, rock face and grain. FLOATING COUNTERS, WATERFALL EDGES AND MORE. Thin countertops are a lot lighter than thick slabs, which makes it possible to build special applications. These include vertical surfaces such as feature walls, fuller backsplashes and waterfall edges. The sides of a kitchen island is a good example where waterfall edges have a nice touch. Thin slabs also make it possible to build floating counters where they are minimally supported by a foundation. Thin and light countertop slabs are also easier to cut and shape, which lends its suitability to integration work such as installation of a kitchen sink. If necessary, thin slabs can be laminated around a lightweight core material such as wood. This makes the countertop thicker without adding too much weight. 20-30MM, 1 TO 1 ¼ THICK COUNTERTOPS. MORE DURABLE Although heavier, more expensive and less versatile, thicker countertops are more durable than lighter ones; 30mm slabs are less prone to breaking compared to 20mm slabs, which in turn are more durable than 13mm ones. Countertops come in slabs as thick as 40mm or 60mm, but are often too expensive and too heavy for most homes to support. Soft stone such as marble and sandstone benefit significantly from the extra thickness. BUILT TO LAST AND CARRY HEAVIER LOADS. Thick kitchen top stones also last longer, which makes up for the difficult installation and high initial cost. Thick slabs of high-quality stone, especially when well-installed, also bring with it a nice hike in equity value, which alone is enough reason for stone suppliers in Singapore to recommend them. Thicker slabs are also best suited whenever high traffic/usage is expected, and a special emphasis on durability is required; e.g. kitchen tables, bathroom vanities, grilling stations (hard, natural stone like granite provide the best heat resistance), shower seats, decorative cutting boards and coffee tables. MORE KITCHEN TOP EDGE PROFILING OPTIONS. In addition, the extra material provided by thicker countertops gives homeowners more options for kitchen top edge profiling and fashions. You cannot cut deep curves into thin laminated countertops without biting into the laminated core. Edge profiles aren’t just for aesthetic purposes. For safety reasons, many interior designers and home owners opt for the bullnose edge profile, which is not something you want to accidentally hit.
  3. Hi All, I need help for your recommendation for contractor for my landed house. please help me. would be glad if you can share your personal experience also. I plan to engage several contractor to minimize the cost. 1. Wet work contractor 2. Swimming pool installation (insert type) 3. Plumber 4. Electricity 5. Wood Carpentry for window and door 6. Wood outdoor decking and trellis 7. Glass door 8. Landscape/ garden I appreciate for your help. Thank you.
  4. I am looking for recommendations for an ID designer for my new shoebox apartment. Theme: minimalist / industrial / modern contemporary with emphasis on clever space-saving (important!) concepts and clean lines. Required items: -- 1. Design simple but elegant bar/counter top separating kitchenette from living whilst doubling up as a dining table. 2. Recommend suitable customization for store room/shelter (to serve as study) 3. Recommend suitable placement of mirrors to create a more spacious appearance 4. Recommend suitable design/solution to cover/convert planter in balcony into usable space 5. Recommend lighting suitable for the mentioned theme 6. Recommend suitable customized furniture for bedroom such as space-saving fold-away bedding (queen size)
  5. Hi Everyone, pardon my English. I cant write n spell very well it is my first time to turn to forum for help n advise. I just got my key 1500 sft 4 room level 1 1100 sft open Terrance level 2. any advise how should I do it. any advise is greatly appreciated
  6. Hi all Just want to highly recommend Daniel Wong (9661xxxx) from New Nyew. He is in the finishing stages of doing a full renovation of our apartment. We have been very pleased with his drive and style, and overall build quality. Unlike some others in the industry, Daniel does not impose his taste, and takes the customer's input seriously. Daniel is well-trained - he is a NAFA graduate. I would urge those interested in engaging a well-priced interior designer with good taste to consider Daniel Wong. If interested, please contact him directly to view high-quality photographs of this project. Please also do not use the sample projects on New Nyew's webpage as a gauge of Daniel's work - this project looks very different. I have no stake in New Nyew or any of its interests. I am also not related to Daniel Wong. I just want to help profile an upcoming and talented designer. This is also my second project with Daniel. I was his first confirmed customer in 2011, for a much smaller HDB renovation. I secured his services again, having been happy with the first project. For less than the price of an entry-level Japanese car, this is the range of work Daniel did for us. - Hacking of 6 non-structural walls for bedrooms and kitchen. Replacement of all these non-structural walls with glass walls or sliding doors. - Relaying of all existing floors, using only designer Italian non-homogenous tiles. Tiles were laid in staggered patterns. - Removal of false ceiling, and incorporating of a 6m-high void with raw brick surface as a design feature. - Remodeling of kitchen. Blum hinges. Corian private collection solid surface. Full length glass backing for island. Installation of dishwasher, oven, ceramic induction hob. - Toilet works. Replacing of normal WCs with suspended/concealed WCs from top brands. - Work for two balconies, one of which was a 300 sq ft roof terrace. Replacement of canopy with an aluminium-polycarbonate canopy. Installation of bathtub on roof terrace. - A lot of other solid surface. All Corian. Solid surfaces for four bay windows. - Pelmets. Both window curtain pelmets, and tiled pelmets for concealing glass door mechanisms. - Doors. Replacement of toilet doors with glass sliding doors. Re-laminating of ugly bomb shelter entrance. - Lighting. Full LED lights. Cove lights, down lights, outdoor. - Carpentry. Full wall bookshelf with LED lighting, kitchen carpentry, queen sized bed set with glass surfaces. - Full electrical work. Schneider switches. Happy renovations! (Daniel has the capacity to take on new projects now!)
  7. Hi all, kinda new to posting stuff on renotalk. Appreciate if i could have advice on my roof truss or rafters. Bought a resale walkup apartment. Above the bedroom false ceiling, i discovered there are roof truss and rafters (those horizontal ones forming a grid like pattern; parallel to the ground). Planning to have them painted matt black. However, my wife feels that there are too many rafters and planning to have them remove or at least some. Any advice, or experience or contracts or anything on this, pls help to share with me. Appreciate. Thanks in adv.
  8. Dear members, I am looking for quotation from ID to help with my condo renovation. Budget: 15-20k Size: 980 sqft, 2 bedroom Key collection: 2th May 2015 Renovation request: 1. Kitchen: Demolish and install new floor tiles, change table top, Demolish and install new cupboard 2. Living room: Demolish and install new TV console and feature wall (8-10 ft), demolish old storage board (1 ft), polish floor (marble), build-in shoe-rack (beside entrance) 3. Master bedroom: polish parkey floor, demolish and install new wardrobe (10-12 ft) 4. Toilet (x 2): Demolish and change floor tiles, change shower glass, change toilet bowl, basin and bathtub (master bedroom toilet, embeded). Looking forward to hear from ID who are interested. Thank you very much Regards, Eugene
  9. Hi everyone! My everyday working hours is 3pm – 12am, and then I usually arrived at home at around 1am. I really wanted to sleep right away, but, sometimes, I’m having a hard time to do it. Can you suggest a good room set up that is comfortable for sleeping?
  10. Hi all, I need recommendation on IDs to carry out minor renovations to my 2-bedroom condo unit which had been rented out for the last 16 years. I need a ID who is reliable, responsible and will give me best value for my money. The main works include : 2 toilets and replacement of kitchen cabinets. Also, I need advise on the following : - what is a reasonable package price for the above ? - what is a reasonable payment terms from IDs ? - and the duration for performing the main scope of works ? Thank you.
  11. Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum and also to this whole idea of reno! Purchasing a semi-D soon. I would just like to get a rough idea of renovation costs and other miscellaneous costs. Firstly, the house is really old and in original condition about 50+ years old. This are the things i would like to get done, without tweaking much with the original structure: - Change all tiles except bedroom parquet - Rebuild all 3 toilets - Rebuild the whole kitchen - Change lighting of bedrooms - Exterior and interior painting - Change all windows and grills ( mainly to french windows / grills) even expand the windows - Change front door and construct stretch of sliding door at the side - The house has a large front-yard & backyard so want to build a large water feature and patio Any rough idea guys? Thanks in advance !
  12. Hi, I'm planning on doing some A&A works (Additions and Alterations) to an oldish semi-D. Have worked with contractors before, mostly in condos, no major alterations, however this time we''re planning on tearing down some walls and building an extension to the house in the back. Can the seasoned ones here advice whether a regular contractor (and or ID) will do, or would I need to engage a builder - who I assume is one more familiar with structural works? Will I also need to get proper plans done, and have them submitted to the URA for approval - in which case an architect might be needed? I am really not planning anything fancy, fairly simple, yet I sure wouldn't want any structure built to be unsound. Thanks! MBev
  13. Hi i am intending to do A+A for my 22 year old 2.5 Storey Inter Terrace. Have previously asked for several quotations from ID and Contractors and numbers varied quite a bit. Scope of Work General 1) Extension of Back to Maximise 2nd Storey GFA for an additional room 2) Replace existing roof with either curve metal roof/new tiled roof 3) Replace existing car porch to a simpler structure (Existing is a tiered car porch with 4 support pillars) 4) Remove existing tiles for drive way and re lay with either pebble wash or tiles 5) Replace existing auto gate with concealed auto gate and new gate posts and fence 1st Floor 1) Polish existing marble flooring 2) Resurface existing walls with cracks 3) Replace ground floor room sliding glass doors 4) Remove non loading bearing wall 5) Retile kitchen floor and walls 6) Expand current ground floor toilet 7) Replace existing kitchen cabinetry and install island kitchen 8) Installation of false ceilings 2nd Floor 1) Replace all existing bedroom parquet flooring 2) Replace all bedroom doors 3) Replace current staircase wall 4) Expand current 2nd floor toilet 5) Replace all existing windows in the 3 bedrooms Optional 1) Addition of additional bathroom on the 2nd storey - Need advice on costing and feasibility 2) Hacking of existing solid concrete and tiled staircase with exposed timbre staircase - Need advice on costing and feasibility I am not looking into very high end finishings just practical materials. Could anyone share their experiences for similar works especially extension of the back of the house for additional room on the 2nd storey OR recommend a good builder?