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  1. So what If my name and his name was the same? Only can have 1 'meng wee" in singapore? Does the law says that?? So renotalk only have people who insult people and accusing people that was publising their 'business" what a bad forum. Its just for defame and insult people here
  2. So you are trying to say that im lieing?? So you guys are trying to accuse me? I love their workmanship and their service, I share with people here whats wrong about it? So if got customer got a good service from your company, and they kindly sharing here, are you gona say that they are just publising their business?
  3. No, I had made some timber renovation from that company. I just find that they produce a great customer service and exellent workmanship skills for my timber flooring and decking. Fortunatelly, i know a manager working under that company and his name called Meng Wee. I just find that company gave me such a good service, i should share to more people to let them enjoy their service and workmanship skills.