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  1. Hi! can send me your contractor details 


    8123 9905

  2. I think $4k can success... can recommend my ID to u.
  3. wow.... i think u can save more than $2k in other ID firm.... and no GST
  4. Hi, hack a build-in wardrobe around cost $250.... depend how big too.... For DIY wardrobe u can find in ikea too.... cheap and easy to install!
  5. if u need sound proof, better do brick wall.... If no need sound proof, partition will do, cheap and fast.... For your idea rebuild back the wall is for?
  6. Hi quarkz, Are u staying in condo? i have good contractor to recommend...
  7. Hi all, Agreed with Dylanchua, do not do overlaying because of water proofing too.... once u hack the wall, floor also have to hack off together.... And hack floor also because of easy for changing new toilet bowl too. The cost ard $4k.... all included... Pm me if u need contractor recommend.
  8. All this job have to let contractor do it... not so easy... unless u just throw few small cabinet or sofa, can ask block cleaner (banggala) at your area help u... give them small angpao or food! they will very happy!
  9. Joea, Can try to call this guys, his not bad and good service too.... Ah Kin 98366842
  10. Darksire, can contact this guy Mr John, he is builder and their do Anti-Termite Metallic Barrier System before building the house.... Email : xxxx@astridone.com.sg Tel : +65-6xxxxxxx8
  11. Yes, i just contact 1 PE from jalan besar... he very good, and charged cheap!