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  1. Hi 

          Have you find any contractor if not you can try to call my ex-contractor that did my house

  2. Hi folks, would like to know if anyone has recommendations for someone who can varnish my 6-seater dining table at reasonable cost. It's made from good solid timber but has patchy stains over the years. I've tried contacting a few from google but only one responded with a quote which seemed rather high. Also, appreciate if anyone has recommendation for a general furniture handyman to touch-up/repair minor damages in general furniture. Thank you in advance!
  3. I am a renovation novice and trying to get up to speed in this area ... hope you guys can help I wish to install a rain shower system in my bathrooms (a combined mixer system that does not need hacking of the wall). I understand Hansgrohe and Grohe are the top brands. May i know besides these two, are there any other brands in their league, or else reasonably good but maybe less expensive? May I know who are the competitively priced retailers for me to source for these items? Also, would these items by any chance be cheaper in JB if available there (and if so, any particular retailer?)? Many thanks in advance.
  4. Does anyone have recommendations for space-saving furniture stores/retailers (brick and mortar stores or online stores)? Does anyone have any recommendations on fold-away queen size beds for shoebox units?
  5. I am looking for recommendations for an ID designer for my new shoebox apartment. Theme: minimalist / industrial / modern contemporary with emphasis on clever space-saving (important!) concepts and clean lines. Required items: -- 1. Design simple but elegant bar/counter top separating kitchenette from living whilst doubling up as a dining table. 2. Recommend suitable customization for store room/shelter (to serve as study) 3. Recommend suitable placement of mirrors to create a more spacious appearance 4. Recommend suitable design/solution to cover/convert planter in balcony into usable space 5. Recommend lighting suitable for the mentioned theme 6. Recommend suitable customized furniture for bedroom such as space-saving fold-away bedding (queen size)