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  1. Hi akidlee, Sorry to hear your bad experience with Kelvin from Senz. I have used the services of Kelvin from Senz to construct most of all my cabinets except kitchen cabinets. I find him to be ernest and honest. So far, after 7 years, the carpentry work in my house is still ok, though not perfect. On my kitchen cabinets done by the main contractor, it is already in a bad shape. Those by Kelvin, generally stand the test of time.
  2. continue with servicing the loan until such time when the bank interest is higher.
  3. Construction cost has risen. In constructing the house, it is best not to cut corners. Otherwise, downstream problems would be much more serious.
  4. You may want to give more details about your construction. There are contractors that ran away with monies. I have not heard of this firm. Could you request for more information of projects that the firm has completed in the last 3 years and you can check out their projects.
  5. Without seeing the ground situation, I think you can consider the following options: Redo the drain and introduce covered up drain. Pro - Inexpensive and the drain can be dug deeper to prepare for new weather patterns of very heavy downpour Con - Drain maintenance would be more difficult as it is covered up. Imagine a rat died inside the drain and there was no rain to wash it off. The stink coming out from the drain opening would be terrible. Redesign the drain area such that you can do away with the drain and the water from the rain can flow out of your house through readjusting the gradient of your terrace. Pro - House looks neater without drain Con - More expensive renovation and design work
  6. Galantnice, do you have any recommendation of reliable contractor on cleaning the internal piping so as to prolong its useful life? I imagine it will be very costly to reinstall conceal aircon piping.
  7. Hard to judge based on price alone because the charges are also dependent on materials and design. Eg. Toilet sink cabinet - different type of table top materials, some have tempered class door, some even use chengai wood and some only use plywood.
  8. I have rebuilt my house less than 5 years ago. Didn't recall paying so much. Jecheng, you may want to provide more details such as land size, number of storeys (inclusive of basement and attic), type of landed house (eg. bungalow, semi-detached, etc) and other details of your rebuilding works in this thread so that more people can give inputs.
  9. Be careful of builders who build slip short work and then refuse to rectify or pay for the rectification work which is clearly caused by their negligence. When you pressed them to repair the damage or else stop payment, the contractor will send legal letter to you to demand payment. When you refuse, they would get a surveyor to survey the damage and the cost of repair would be decided by the contractor. For major repair, the surveyor will brush it aside and put a nominal sum and for minor repair, the surveyor will not even put a sum. In the end, you will be given a choice of fighting it out in court or live with the sub standard work. This is what happened to my neighbour. My neighbour was very upset but got no time to fight the court case, so pay up the balance outstanding amount and hire other contractors to repair the damage. Before you sign the contract, remember to state down the dispute resolution process. Cheers!
  10. hi Mr Lee,

    Just I would like check on your contact on the vendor who installed your glass gate ? I managed to see in one of your posting that your your gate in your landed home is made of thick glass. Do you have any picture on it as well ? i have tried searching for vendors but yet to find one who can install a nice glass gate though.

    Million thanks in advance.

  11. Polycarbonate doesn't leak but the joints leak easily after a few years. Hence, it is important to get those polycarbonate that comes in one large sheet instead of several sheets joining together.
  12. Hi X6GT, thanks for the compliments. I am not Lee Chau Hwei. If you want something natural, try bamboo or chengai. No worries about using chengai wood as the motor installed is strong enough to take the weight. Cheers!
  13. Hi, best to speak on the phone. My mobile is 91383411. Feel free to sms me in the day or call me in the evening. Cheers!

  14. Hi,

    Sorry to disturb. Thank you for contributing valuable information in the forum


    Just bought a corn terrace. And , I am in the process of selecting constructor.

    Would you please recommend a builder?

    Thanks !