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  1. Hi can pm me your email please ? I would like to retile my car porch and fix up my 3rd floor walls plus some other works. Thanks!
  2. Actually we don't intend to stay for long, probably for another 2 years more. By redo-ing the wall does it mean we have to hack the whole wall and rebuild? Thanks for the advice on dry kitchen. I totally forgot we have a basin with piping. If it's too troublesome, we will not want to redo the dry kitchen.
  3. Hi I reconstructed my inter-terrace house about 5 years ago and due to our ignorance then and not seeking good advice, we ended up with a monkey builder which caused us much pain. We brought up both sides of the walls to be higher than our neighbours, and instead of building a new wall, my builder added the new wall section on top of the old ones and both sides of the walls have been having a very visible loooooooooooong crack line. Besides, he did not do a good job in waterproofing the new wall and we always have small rainy drops of water seeping through especially during this rainy season. It shouldn't be due to structural problem as the crack remains as it is and hasn't gotten worse except it's super ugly. We did ask the builder to fix it but after sealing the long crack its coming back again, and the builder's shop has since closed. We decide to do something about it next year when the weather is drier : - fixing the internal long crackline of the walls (hopefully there is a good contractor who is experienced to fix this) - re-waterproofing the exterior that means repainting the whole house externally and internally - I intend to remove the L-shape deck in my car porch deck which is of no use and retile it (not a huge space as my land size is 1600sf, so probably retiling about 500sf) - my 1st to 2nd floor staircase is see-through type with wooden steps and i intend to redo this to seal up - intend to remodel my living/dining/kitchen to move the dry kitchen to another section, and redo the common toilet. Anyone has experience with these and estimate how much this will cost ? Totally understand it will be difficult to provide an exact but I would like to find out what's the estimated damage$$. Appreciate any recommendation of good contractor as well. Thanks!
  4. Hi I am moving to new house soon and will not need the furniture which I bought about 4 years ago as the design will not match my new place. Most of the furniture are in very good condition. Please check the craiglist for more information : http://singapore.craigslist.com.sg/fuo/4452133337.html http://singapore.craigslist.com.sg/fuo/4452128630.html http://singapore.craigslist.com.sg/fuo/4452121486.html http://singapore.craigslist.com.sg/fuo/4452124542.html Also selling these 2 single beds and mattresses. Please pm me if interested. All items need to go by 14 May. Note : Please arrange own transportation and COD. Any other items seen in picture are not included. cheers
  5. Hello, I am looking for Crestar fans, wooden series. Can you pm me the sizes and prices for the various wooden series (eg. Airolite 5, Airvac, Rainlite, Skylite, Starlite, etc). Thanks.
  6. Hi Tiler Seng I just sent you PMs to ask for quotation for carpentry (not sure if you handle carpentry works though). Can I also tap on your knowledge regarding the following : I am reconstructing my terrace and I intend to import my own marble from Spain. However I am trying to find out if it is necessary to seal the marble on the 4 sides plus the bottom before laying the tiles. My builder will waterproof the floor slab but we are abit worried about water seepage from the ground to the marble thus causing staining. In your opinion is this necessary? Right behind my house is a 1m wide drain so I believe the soil will tend to be wetter than most other houses. We are trying to find someone who can help us seal the marble tiles but can't seem to find anyone who can do this. Your advice is much appreciated! Sorry if I steal your thread to ask this question.
  7. Thanks. 1. There is waterproofing done at the new place. I am being kiasu. 2. The tiles are crema marfil grade A tiles. Price wise, they are less than half what we see at shops. 3. A friend bought project leftover tiles but the colour was so mismatched that she gave them away. 4. As long as I can seal the tile, it is definitely a go for me to direct import. The question remains - how?
  8. I have an intention to bring in marble tiles from Spain, coz it is much cheaper than Singapore. As it is meant for my landed home, I worry about water seepage from the ground. When that happens, the marble tile will grow dark and patchy. The granite tiles at Lor Chuan MRT station is a good example. Most of the marble factories here will seal all sides using a sealant to prevent this from happening. Does anyone know what kind of sealant or anyone who can provide such a service? Thanks.
  9. Hi gbjack Can you please pm me the artist contact ? Thank you!
  10. Hi, Anyone got contacts for reliable LED lights with warranty at reasonable prices? Please share. Thanks.
  11. Hi, For those who had installed LED downlights, is there a ground (earth) connection? I was at China recently and all of them comes with only 2 wires. Is earth really necessary? Sorry....I am just quite stupid about these things.
  12. Hi all I have some 3-piece & 5-piece outdoor furniture for sale (some are stackable to save space when not used) as well as the outdoor umbrellas. Going at very reasonable prices. If anyone interested please email me at sgoutdoorfurniture@gmail.com. cheers
  13. hi madmax, just collected keys for my landed. can u share your builders contact? tk u.