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  1. Hi, cos eample if i have excess $20K in OA, if used for prepayment, it will reduce principal by $20K, thus interest saved is 2.6% of $20K. but if i leave $20K in CPF OA, it collects 2.5% in interest. Like not much difference isn't it? Cos i thought that since hdb got insurance, anything happens, the remaining loan may be covered partially. So no need to clear off the loan so quickly. Pls correct me if my understanding is wrong, thanks.
  2. Hi, will appreciate some advice, thanks. Current situation: I bought HDB two years ago, and took a 20 year HDB loan. My CPF Ordinary Account has saved some excess cash over a period of time. I am considering to use this excess cash to make prepayment on the HDB loan, aiming to cut down on total interest payments and reduce the number of years for loan. (I have already kept some savings as buffer However, as Ordinary A/C savings gets 2.5% and HDB loan is 2.6%, it seems to me there is no real advantage to make a prepayment on the loan rite? I save on interest payment at 2.6% to HDB, but also have to forgo the 2.5% interest that CPF pays me..... Perhaps better not to prepay? Hope to hear some advice, thank you.
  3. With CPF money OA earning 2.5% and HDB loan at 2.6%, actually it seems there is not much difference. Cos now my CPF OA has accumulated some cash, i was considering using this cash to prepay some of the HDB loan, but since the interest earned and paid are similar there is no substantial advantage to make a prepayment. Do correct me if i am wrong, thanks.
  4. Pls help, thanks! 1) my drainage pipe is plastic type (so cant pour hot water), how to clean and unchoke properly? (moved into resale flat, the pipe is working fine...but can see lots of hair in the pipe) 2) what detergents to use on toilet floors...any that can create suds?
  5. i think its Samsung 1310, its has a skin cover (grey-silver design) & looks perfect for my white door/bronze gates cos not as harsh as black....cost abt 450, but its really nice so well worth the px!
  6. Hi guys, finally i've bought my Samsung Digital Lock.....super nice! Bought from DoorPlus from Liang Court, have a $50 voucher from there, am letting go at $25. If interested, sms me at 97732241
  7. Hi Wolflet, thank you, change the filter cartridge last night liao! Hehe actuallly my bf did it...he say ur reply helped a lot, TQ vm
  8. Is it possible to put up small rain protector for kitchen window (keeps rains out when windows slightly open)? Neighbours upstairs has water dripping from their wet clothes...i dun dare put my clothes outside thinking to leave windows open during day when i work, but need something to block against rain (in case it rains) Thnx
  9. erm...meaning i cant just get rid of the filter easily & just use normal tap water? hmm if cannot just remove filter i will try to take out the cartridge to wash and dry (seems quite dirty looking cartride though!) ....just to check no need to hunt the same brand (Kemflo) cartridge, can just use other brands rite? btw is taking out the cartridge difficult? cos i tested once but not really sure what to do....seems must use some device to remove, i found come C-shape device in the drawer....use this to twist? of cos must off the water supply first hor? scary to DIY, but must cut cost... pls advise...thanks!
  10. Hi i realise the resale place we bought has a water filter (beneath the kitchen sink, think filiter is 5y old)... is it ok to just change the filter cartridge.....or is it more advisable to just remove the whole thing? Anyone came across this prob before? The brand is Kemflo, if changing cartridge is fine, anyone knows where to buy Kemflo cartridges for water filters? Thnx.
  11. Hi is it true that small eledctrical items (microwave, ricecookers, fans etc) are really alot cheaper in JB? And bought from JB can be used in Spore without problems? And where in JB is good to get wide variety/ best prices for good electrical brand items? Thanks!
  12. Hi, my resale place has some slight prob with the marble floor (stain and a small chip) What can I do about it and any contacts to recommend pls?
  13. Hi everyone, just a nagging worry....am going to reinstall the curtain tracks at my home. Never did it before...will it leave many unsightly holes? How do i DIY to plaster back the holes? Has anyone done this & how is the end result? Hope to have some advice, thnks!
  14. Hi everyone, am considering to get digital lock for home....any recommendations pls? whats the best deal I can get for <$500, any online sales for it plus installation? Thanks very much.
  15. Hello Jesslyn, I come across ur T-blog recently & saw ur troubles, congrats on finally finishing reno...feel very happy for u too! I have an recliner black leather chair with footstool (to rest tired legs on after a long day) Bought from Ikea last time but mostly used it to put laundry only so its in good condition. This is pic of it, if u want it pls let me know ok.....all the best to u! http://s782.photobucket.com/albums/yy102/g...ew714/?newest=1