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  1. Mine is also a seahorse....decent workmanship (not fantastic), but good for the price... Some or maybe all? of their bedframes are built by another company.....it takes awhile for delivery 2-3wks in my case.
  2. I understand how you feel, I'm in a similar situation...although mine have not reached your stage yet. This is a very tricky situation, when you go to court try to prove his absence and non contribution to the family & flat. I have checked with a legal advisor, if able to prove his deliberate abandonment of the family it is possible to be awarded his CPF contribution to the flat (may not even need to buy over). I have also personally handled a case, where the Wife was awarded the CPF contribution of the ex-husband to the flat purchase. (according to the court order $XX,XXX is to be transferred to the Wife after the sale of their flat which was under joint-tenancy, husband got nothing) So it all depends on the details of your case. Best, Mark
  3. Haha....glad to see your reno in progress, look forward to see your new home!
  4. your dog looks familiar....very.... this site may interest you: http://www.moderncat.net for cats...but some ideas can apply to dogs as well
  5. I'm quite ok with lizard, don't mind them running around the wall even...as long as they eat the cockroaches & mosquitos their poop is a pain tho..
  6. Actually, different location different price... Really depends on where....
  7. Actually, it is worded differently.... http://www.limyumu.com/1/post/2012/10/october-18th-2012.html
  8. Yup, if you build the rooms may have trouble...even if no one complain, if next time you intend to sell will also have problem.
  9. Hi Tim, just emailed you. Look forward to your reply, thanks! -Mark
  10. Landmark case...HDB really clamping down. Interested in the final verdict.
  11. I do not see anything wrong with my reply. You are talking about changing from Joint-Tenancy to Tenancy-In-Common. Like yoongf, I was only explaining to titi the meaning of Joint-Tenancy.
  12. HDB Loan: - can loan up to 90% of valuation - pegged at CPF OA rate + 0.1, currently 2.6% (less likely to fluctuate) - HDB not as strict as banks when it comes to delaying loan repayments, I personally handled a case where the seller owed HDB for quite a long period of time but still allowed to stay (although eventually they did tell owner to sell or they will acquire back) - lower legal fees - CPF monies will be cleared for purchase Bank Loan: - can loan up to 80% - fixed or floating rates (fixed usually for first 3-years only) - current rates are lower than HDB loan, around 1.3%+/-, but note that it has gone up as high as 7-8% before - Bank loan cannot owe too long, like Kalimantan said....its business orientated - higher legal fees (though usually subsidized by bank) - can decide how much to use from CPF account