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  1. Hi, wats ur new flat BTO located n any concept of renovation u doing? Tks..
  2. Keen in ur whole set hello kitty.. pm me ur mobile them we discuss e pricing.. Tks
  3. Hopefully It can allow 2nd timer sporean with or without children to rent also cos I'm e one waiting for bto while my family n i renting flats too... Must wait 30mths then can rent from Hdb cos last yr end i just sold my 4rm...
  4. Yes definitely it will be earlier than 3Rd Q.. So I can start my Reno too , indeed a nice forum to learn n share as u mentioned.. We are lucky have forumers like u n others sharing information n sharing good deal they know best.. Btw, I wishing u have a smooth reno journey ahead..
  5. Hi sygnur (sis), been reading ur blog, i have almost e same layout as u.. But my home still long long way, 2016 3Q.. Storeroom on e right when entering from main door.. All bedrooms on e left side when facing e main door.. would love to see more pics n update..
  6. Tks wakarimasen batman!! I've found 1 at teban garden temple called 城皇庙。。cheers...
  7. Tks wakarimasen batman!! I've found 1 at teban garden temple called 城皇庙。。cheers...
  8. Hi, does anyone know which temple can take in Buddha statue?? Tks in advance..
  9. Hi, as mentioned above, any shifu or ppl who know how to send my goddess of mercy to temple.. Reason: staying at rental hse.. Not allow to have my own buddha statue at e landlord hse.. Anyone know where can I engage a shifu with a small fee to do the sending of my Buddha to temple?? Tks...
  10. Hi, Please PM me your contact for all the kitchen and toilet accessories, plus aircon. Much appreciated...
  11. Hi as mentioned above, any lawyer firm or company can check my father will with his NRIC number n duplicate death cert.. My father just passed away on the 7/11/12.. Anyone out there know where to check?? Thank u..
  12. Floating or fix rate u have chosen?? After ur lock in period??