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  1. my blanco sink is white and its not easy to maintain it.. but no regrets as i still love it very much.. hehe
  2. my old kitchen has this problem too although not so much of feces smell.. smelt like some rotten or dead animals and i realised our kitchen toilet is always mouldy.. when we couldnt take it anymore we re-did our kitchen cabinet and found out that instead of having pvc pipes for outlet of the sink to the drainage the old kitchen had this tunnel made out of the cement base..and this tunnel is linked to a 2nd one that allow water to flow in during floor washing.. and because the sink is located a distance away from the drainage this cement tunnels runs a long way.. which means whatever food that gets washed down the sink accidentally may remain inside the cement tunnel along the way.. and these will rot etc and the smell comes out from the other exit... kaoz.... now new kitchen no such problem
  3. Hi, This happened to our flat.. one fine day suddenly heard a loooonng series of craccckkkkk and 16 big tiles popped out to more than 1 inch height.. basically u will get cut if u walk on it.. and because of that air went in and caused another 15-18 tiles in the kitchen to become hollow when we stepped on.. had no choice but to hack off both layers of floor tiles (this was overlay by previous owner) for hall and kitchen !.. and this really caused a huge inconvenience to all of us as we have to stay in the "construction site" for half a mth (some problems faced during the reno). i swear by hacking off everything and not doing over laying..
  4. hi all, can anyone recommend a plumber for the relocation of pipes and meters? and the costs? thanks in advance
  5. hi all, we have gotten in-principle approval to purchase the recess area. Does anyone has any recommendation for licensed plumber to relocate the meters outside our house?
  6. Btw Tupperware products come with LIFETIME warranty for cracking, peeling, warping and chipping ! Made from BPA free food safe! This can be an exciting income supplement for you too For more info, apps me =)
  7. Tupperware Treasure Box Consisting of their most popular series One Touch canisters, Modular storage, Square Rounds, Fridge bottle, 1L and 500ml Eco bottles and Freezermate ! ALL for a special price of $130 (total worth $230+). Limited to one set per person ~ Interested please sms/apps 9101 4627 =)
  8. Joanne Chua


  9. Hi all ! I have whole set of Macdonalds Kitty for Sale ! Either buy as whole set of selected ones. Wizard of Oz, Witch, Red Riding Hood, The Frog Price, Ugly Ducking, Singing Bone $120 for whole set ! PM me if you are keen Thanks ~~
  10. i saw at ikea kitchen dept.. check it out