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  1. Hi all, I am about to finalize my contractor for my resale flat. Hope to get some advice from forummers here whether the price is reasonable before signing the contract. Btw, my house is 4A with 115sqm (include 7sqm of access balcony) Warranty: 2 years exclude tear and wear 1 Supply/lay homogeneous tiles (600x600)mm with skirting for living/dining halls,3 bedrooms & store (<$3psf) $ 4,280 2 Supply/construct floor tiles for entrance steps $ 270 3 Supply/construct non-slip floor tiles for master toilet (<$3 psf) $ 480 4 Waterproofing to be carried out for master toilet $ 200 5 Supply/construct 2-tone full height wall tiles for master toilet (<$2.70 psf) $ 1,080 6 Supply/install 1 no. flush type rubbish chute c/w latch $ 250 7 Supply/raise kitchen cabinet base and to hack and make good chute base and island base $ 280 8 Master toilet: Supply/construct shower kerb with floor tiles $ 120 9 Kitchen: Supply/overlay homogeneous floor tiles (300mm x 600mm or 300mm x 300mm) <$3psf $ 880 10 Kitchen: To supply and apply chemical treatment for sprawling concrete on ceiling $ 150 11 STORE: TO HACK AND CREATE ENTRANCE FACING LIVING HALL $ 280 12 STORE: SUPPLY/INSTALL 1 NO. NEW DOOR FRAME $ 180 13 STORE: SUPPLY/ERECT NEW CONCRETE WALL BETWEEN STORE AND MASTER ROOM $ 350 CEILING WORKS AND PLASTER WORKS 1 To plaster for affected area after demolition of existing L-box **** hall and cornices at 3 bedrooms $ 200 2 Master toilet: To remove loose ceiling plastering and repatch $ 80 PLUMBING WORKS 1 Supply/replace master toilet piping to stainless steel (reduced $100 without hot pipes) 2 Connection of inlet/outlet piping for sink 3 Supply labour to install new sink and sink tap 4 Supply/replace new stainless steel piping for master toilet basin 5 Supply/replace conceal drain pipe for master toilet basin Item 1 to 5 - $450 6 Supply labour to install both toilets basin and tap added $120 to install common toilet bowl and basin 7 Supply labour to install both toilets bowl 8 Supply labour to install master toilet storage water heater 9 Supply labour to install master toilet accessories Item 6-9 - $340 DOORS, GLASS AND WINDOWS 1 STORE: SUPPLY/INSTALL 1 NO. CLASSIC DOOR C/W LOCK SET $ 220 2 Bedroom 3: Supply/replace 1 no. existing louvre window to 1 no. fix glass panel with alumnium frame $ 180 3 Supply labour to replace lock set for existing main gate and 3 bedrooms existing doors $ 150 4 Master toilet: Supply/install 1 set of top hung bi-fold door c/w aluminium frame and arcylic panel $ 280 5 Master toilet: Supply/install 1 set of 10mm tempered glass shower screen (swing) $ 450 CARPENTRY WORKS 1 Kitchen: Supply/install solid laminated kitchen cabinet (top/bottom=23ft) include dishrack, 2 glass panels c/w laminated frame, ABS trims, designer handles and cutlery tray $ 2,254 2 Kitchen: Supply labour to install cooker hood, cooker hob and oven $ 50 3 Kitchen: Supply/install solid surface top c/w backsplash for kitchen cabinet (11ft) $ 880 4 Master room: Supply/install full height laminated wardrobe c/w sliding doors (5.5ft width) $ 1,210 5 Kitchen: Supply/install laminated small box up for rubbish chute $ 150 ELECTRICAL 1 7 Single power points=$350, 7 Double power points=$420, 10 Lighting points=$350, 1 Distribution Board=$280 2 1 Air Con point=$100, I heater point=$100, Install 10 lights=$80 ,1 SCV point=$100, 2 Tel points=$110 $ 1,890 DEMOLITION WORKS 1 Hacking of existing floor tiles and skirting for living/dining halls and store 2 Hacking of existing floor tiles and skirting for all bedrooms 3 Hacking of existing laminated flooring and skirting for living/dining halls and store 4 Hacking of existing floor tiles and wall tiles for master toilet 5 Hacking of existing toilet bowl and basin for master toilet (FOC to hack toilet bowl and basin for common toilet) 6 Dismantle and disposal existing kitchen cabinet and existing retractable cloth hangar 7 Dismantle and disposal existing low cabinet below window and 1 timber divider cabinet **** hall 8 Hacking of L-box **** hall and cornices at 3 bedrooms Total - $890 WHOLE HOUSE AND GENERALS 1 Painting of whole house walls/ceilings with ICI Pentalite or Nippon 5000 (5 colours + 1 white for ceilings) 2 Painting of all pipings, bedroom doors/frames, gate and main door (include patching of wall holes) Item 1 and 2 - $1330 3 Supply/lay corrugated board to protect new flooring (include disposal) foc 4 Debris removal services to be carried out $ 480 5 Haulage of sand to be carried out $ 550 6 Whole house acid washing and cleaning foc 7 Painting of sealer for ceilings at kitchen and both toilets $ 200 8 Patching of wire casing gaps for whole house $ 130
  2. hi, can i know who is your contractor? the quotation looks reasonable, im looking for contractor to renovate my house

  3. Hi All, I am new to this forum.... recently we exercised our OTP for a 4 rooms flat in Tampines. During first viewing, we noticed there are quite serious painting peeling at the kitchen's ceiling, we thought its only peeling, nth serious, so we paid deposit 1k on that night. After few days, we requested a 2nd viewing together with a contractor, he told us the peeling may due to the leaking for the unit above us, but the owner insist no water leakage although we noticed some water stain. So we actually quite indecisive to proceed with the purchase, but our agent keep on saying he checked with hdb and this is not a big issue, etc...Our agent even offered us to pay $250 for the repair cost because the owner refuse to pay for the repair cost for this issue. Tomorrow our agent will go to HDB to report this issue and owner agreed to coordinate with hdb to perform the repair job. The question is: If the leakage is serious and its from unit above us, who should bear the cost? The bad part is we signed an agreement with the owner saying that we will bear the repair cost =(
  4. Hi all, I am getting few quotations from different contractor for comparison (due to tight budget), but the description given by each contractors are different (especially on plumbing works). Can anyone pls help me to figure out the jobs below are they the same or different jobscope? thanks in advance. Replacement of existing pipe to new stainless steel pipe Provide hot point only replacement of cold water supply piping connect outlet pipe for basin Supply and install stainless steel hot water piping for 1 bathroom