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  1. There are alternatives to LPG.... You can use the Mayer Hybrid Hob. It has vitro ceramic and induction. Perfect combo.
  2. You should be more concern about the refrigerant piping. Tends to leak after 10 to 12 years.
  3. You can sell those fishes and use the money to remove the pond.
  4. There is no market price for painting. It varies from house to house. Live in or not, furnished or unfinished, condition of wall, choice of colours over exsiting colour.. Just set aside $10k should be sufficient for inter terrace.
  5. 8ft tall glass. Chances of shattered is very high. Don't think it is that easy to fabricate this wardrobe door.
  6. All the dust will be trap below the decks...when the wind blows, all dust get blown into the house..
  7. Look for Ying Kwang. They shifted to Soon Lee Road. They have got laser cutting machine. Can send them CAD drawings too.
  8. My advise is to drop the idea. You will eventually tear it down.
  9. Inox aa25 has a lot of problems.I have 4 of it and they didn't survive more than 2 years. No one repairs a storage tank unless the fault is the heating element..
  10. Some condos already converted their intercom to directly to a tel number.
  11. Damage is bad. I will ask u to replace the door if I am the landlord of the unit.