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  1. Hi! Sure, I measured the width and depth of my vanity for ur ref. Its depth is 41cm whereas the width is 100cm. My common bath vanity width is 80cm, same depth. I find that a deeper vanity would be much better with this mixer/sink combi. 45cm minumum depth would be just nice actually. My mixer over-extends slightly over the waste and gets in the way. Unless the sink is fitted over the edge, but not sure if that can work. Quite a noob mistake tbh. Hope this helps!
  2. And yes a big hole indeed! Haha! My personal preference is to get durable and rust-free sanitary fittings cos changing them would be such a bother! I know both brands hold up really well, so I suppose it's worth it.
  3. Haha thanks for reading, I'd try to take more pics. Need a wide angle lens!