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Found 7 results

  1. I got a quote from a Blum-certified contractor about making full-Blum kitchen cabinet (i.e. even panels are provided thru Blum) Any one installed such kitchen cabinets before? The quote for one LEGRABOX Space Tower (2.2m with space for built-in oven) is $1950.
  2. I am so frustrated with the current ID Urban Design, apparently they are even Case Trust company. I can tell you how poor the quality of their ID and lack of responsibility, we wasted more than 3 weeks that his capenter cannot provide a drawing, same for management. So I am looking for a carpenter to help to do the work they cannot do on time, dry kitchen cabinet , change all the doors, install the Blum system, top and bottom cabinet in wet kitchen, able to plan in Blum system and excel corner system. The door style I want is classic American, see picture. If anyone have any good recommendation , please send to 85226760 or yminni@gmail.com thank you.
  3. For those who have installed blum, any idea if its better to let blum appointed contractor to do up ur kitchen or just get ur id's carpenter to install the blum hinge n drawers? Heard from people saying if its not an appointed contractor who installs the blum systems den the warrenty will be voided. I don't think it's this way right? As long as we purchase blum from the appointed resellers, the warrenty will still be covered even if its not an appointed contracter right?
  4. Looking for carpenter to do up whole kitchen with BLUM fittings? Any to recommend/advise?
  5. Got a brand new in box Ariston cooker hood (SL191) Local Warranty Price: $228 (Retail: $419) My lost is your gain. Interested parties call/sms 9oo 7oo 55. http://www.mayer.sg/index.php/produc...2-06-27-detail
  6. Selling a brand new Godmorgon/odensvik sink cabinet in glossy white for $290. Brand new selling $390 at IKEA. Opened the box and assembled only to find that it doesnt fit my toilet space. Hence selling item. Item is brand new and not been used before. Godmorgon comes with BLUM fittings and 10 year warranty. I have the receipt as well. Will offer delivery to buyer as well. Do SMS me at 9100 2068 to deal. I do not check my PM. This is the item: http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/S49894791/
  7. Good evening all! This is a ranting thread and at the same time, I hope some fellow home renovators can give their 2 cents. Having read about all the contractors from ****, I have never expected myself to meet one (FYI: I have never wrote any bad reviews before, this must really have pushed me to my limit for me to write this). Anyway, we received our keys from HDB last year Jan (to read the incomplete t-blog: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/45921-a-new-beginning-at-treelodgepunggol/) but have not done up the kitchen yet. We've gone through a few contractors but did not commit until we saw this promotion on BLUM's facebook page: Looks like an absolute steal right? $4688 with BLUM system, throw in a 5ft wardrobe (to be fair, they were quite flexible in the sense they allowed us to convert this to a 5ft bar counter with solid top instead) and most of all, there'll be an ID (from a seemingly reputable company with a longish history) to oversee everything for us. Immediately after seeing this on facebook, we make our way down to Blum's showroom, after making a call to confirm the promotion. A guy named W picked up our call and confirmed the promotional details. That was on 21st Apr 2013. **I'm not showing the name of the company, but if you are dying to know, there's no stopping you from going into the Apr archives of Blum's website). So we make our way down. W wasn't free to entertain us. A lady N came to chat with us instead. And after going through the general designs of our kitchen and bar counter, we decided to sign up the promotion with them, pay only $80 deposit on the spot. Shortly after signing up the package, N came to our place to have a look and get a feel of the place plus do some rough estimates of the carpentary work. Not long after, we met up with her at her office after she came up with the 3D drawings. This part of the deal was the smoothest. I was all praises for her (PR skills). I thought I met the dream ID. She was all talks about how her carpenter is ready to measure the coming weekend and we should hurry up and choose the laminate. And gullible me was in awe of how efficient they can be. And I still remember chastising my husband saying he shouldn't take too long to choose the laminate. Also, that was also the day we are supposed to pay up the $2k upon receiving the 3D rendering. And we did, with much ebullience. As the measurements made by N are only rough estimate, the carpenter B has to come to our place to take the actual measurement. Look at the date. 17th May: she said the carpenter is able to come the next day at 2pm. 18th May: As my hubby is supposed to leave for his RT around 3pm, we were abit worried when he didn't appear at 2. So being kiasu, we text N at 2:08 to ask whether the carpenter is coming. She replied at 2:09 saying he can't make it. Within a span of one min?! Are you kidding me? Either she is just beside him (in which she can't be bothered to let us know that he'll be late) or she has forgotten to inform him. We believe it is the latter. Nevermind, we give her the benefit of doubt. So my husband decided that he can forgo his RT and wait, as in his reply. and she said she'll check. So we waited. And waited. And waited. Note the next time they have a conversation is on 13th June. You judge this yourself how would you have react. So we finally managed to meet the elusive carpenter. He was supposed to reach at 7pm. We waited. And waited. And waited. Until the waiting got too much, and my husband had to give N a call. Then he appear. At about 9pm. With no apologies. Face flushed. Breathe smells of alcohol. I decided not be be judgemental because he appeared to be considerably clearheaded and professional. We stayed calm and tried to be professional. We managed to verify some details of the laminate (when we found out that N has provided us some wrong information). He had quite a long discussion with my husband who even gave him another can of bottle before he left. Armed with the actual measurement, we were expecting to receive the 2D rendering (autoCAD) drawings from him to confirm the dimensions before they start work. And the renderings came back..............WRONG. This is the rendering corrected by my husband (highlighted in yellow are the parts that are wrong).