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  1. in this chemical new age world, it is better to get products from brands which care about low VOC for consumer health reasons. same like getting Kronotex/Prego because of EPLF certification. same reason as getting odourless nippon and low odour ICI dulux pure with low VOC certification. especially important for kitchen top because your food are being prepared on it and your family will all be affected by your decision. Corian/LG/Staron all have low VOC certification for solid surface. Silestone and Caesarstone also have low VOC and food safety certification. if you intend to use granite, remember to get an environmentally friendly and low VOC sealant. silestone and caesarstone are around $200-$250 pfr, but iquartz is $100-$150 pfr, too good to be true?
  2. iquartz is made in china. their website report already state it. although iquartz is quartz, but its hardness scale is 6(granite), while silestone and caesarstone report states its hardness scale as 7(quartz). I do not know the reason but it is most likely due to the bonding resin secret ingredient. anyway you can get OEM quartz from china, iquartz is just a brand pasted on it.
  3. I checked the price is $120 to $150 pfr. what i am considering is not just whether it is quartz, because kitchen top has to pass a material safety test. the quartz is only 93% and there are 7% of resin mixed inside. The resin has to be tested to be safe for food preparation and have low VOC. silestone and caesarstone have the material safety datasheet. tried to get from iquartz but they ignore since i asked for it
  4. anybody using the iquartz? I can't seem to find its material safety datasheet, not sure if its safe for kitchen top use. its website has a report but the report states its moh's hardness scale is same as granite, isnt it suppose to be quartz?
  5. hihi may i ask you about the alumix wardrobe system.. for the doors that you have.. are they glass or wood sliding doors?
  6. hihi i have been following your tblog.. so which contracter did you decide to go with?
  7. hi can pls pm me the myanmar painter contact? thanks!

  8. hihi can you pls share with me your experience of QS and the price range and contacts for getting it? Thanks!

  9. hihi may i know how's your QS largo experience so far? how much psf did you get it for? thanks!

  10. hihi i am also interested in the allure high end resilient flooring.. how has it been working out for you?

  11. hihi have you tried the Allure high end resilient flooring? i am also considering getting it.. how has it been working out for you?