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  1. Hi Saw u had done a platform bed with storage but tot HDB dont allow it ? Thks
  2. Hi Saw like platform bed with storage , tot HDB will not allow? Thks
  3. Hi My PCD is on 2019 end and after some reaserch l find out that a platform bed with STORAGE is not allow in HDB rules . But l had seen a couple of homeseeker blog doing that and lm quite surprise. So will there be any HDB inspector to inspect new BTO after a while? Thks
  4. Hi The platform is interesting . Can share if the 2 pillar in red also done by Evorich? Thks
  5. Hi Ryan Sorry .. one question. Is the pole Wardrobe drill into the wall of the BS ? Thks
  6. Hi Ryan Veri interesting post and l enjoy reading it . Provide lot of information for my furture 2rm I wan to check with u since u are not taking any loan as u mention yr CPF is enough to cover .Do u need to do submit any HLE before key collection ? Did HDB request it ? Thks Valley Spring 2rm
  7. Hi , Are they really a difference between HDB Registered Renovation Contractors and non Registered ? I dont believe that HDB Registered will delivery a good result and vice versa , anyone experience good non Registered contractor ? And some how non Registered seems slightly cheaper . Kindly share and for discussion . Thanks
  8. Hi flowersinherhair , Sorry for the second question , they lay the tiles straight to the raw flooring ? Thanks
  9. Hi flowersinherhair, As for the AC , the switch is provide by the installer or connect to switch that HDB install ? Thanks