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  1. I thought Gain City extended warranty includes transport charges too?
  2. nice! tempted to get them too lol
  3. hi, can check what is the width of the pathway for your WIW? comfortable to walk through?
  4. one more thing. what is the typical height that we should mount the tv on the wall? from the floor to the bottom of the tv, usually is how much?
  5. great cable management! very neat! so you are using the trunking to hide your tv power cable and other cables directly? inside the trunking, there will be power cable, hdmi cable, component cables etc??? i will be mounting my tv, and hoping to do something similar for the cable management. =)
  6. Hi Reiki, Can share where did you buy the curtain? They are really nice! How much does they cost?
  7. good progress dsman! can't wait to see more pictures of your house! haha.
  8. are u doing any cornies? cos i am thinking if install a/c liao, can they do the cornies? anyway, when did u installed your a/c? after plastering, painting and electricity done? or before?
  9. wat are the things that must be carefully checked? i am using the back of my MBR wardrobe as a "featured wall", and will be mounting a 42" lcd tv using the back of the wardrobe. my contractor say he will be adding an extra layer of wood partition at the back, and also reinforced wood at the mounting area. any other stuffs to take note? thanks!
  10. any difference in prices for granite from China and India? which is better?
  11. looking for a system 2 inverter a/c. any recommendations in brand/model, and vendor? thanks!
  12. toilets and kitchen tiling all done. should finish living room and bedrooms tiling by end of week. then will be 2 more weeks for the rest of the stuffs. hopefully in time for HO. haha. btw what a/c brand u looking at? my wife prefers daikin so far.
  13. hey dsman, i am sourcing for aircon too now haha... which brand and model are you looking at? i am looking for a system 3 inverter. can share with me red_devil's contact? thanks!
  14. hi all, any rough gauge on how long each of these processes will take? my renovation seems to be quite slow...2 weeks liao still have not hack and clear finish... 1) hacking and removal of all debris <--- still here... 2) tiling and install sanitary wares (plumbing also?) 3) plastering 4) painting 5) carpentry 6) electricity not sure if jason can finish by mid dec as promisde as tiling have not even start yet...