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  1. To @greenbunny .. I can't send you a PM. Your home is beautiful. Mind sharing with me your ID? Thank you, in advance. ----------- To @mmoh, Thank You for setting up this page.
  2. Hopefully not too late to join the bandwagon in congratulating you. Indeed, if I am guessing it right, the property is at a very convenient area! Lots of shopping area within walking distance and so much future development around the area. I have always liked the development. Am having a friend staying there too. Happy reno!
  3. Hi Sarah, My apology, do PM me again. BTW, does this proofing really minimize sound? Another contractor replied my enquiry, with quote of more than $2K and advised me to install not sliding panels but the swing-type window. How was yours done? TIA again.
  4. Think it is good to assign the powerpoint to each gadget to have a clearer picture as to how much you need here, provided you have no intention of getting extension plugs. Gadgets that I off-hand think of: 01. Modem 02. Terminal Point for Fiber 03. TV 04. (Will there be any media player?) 05. (How many PCs / laptops?) 06. (Will there be a printer?) 07. (Will there be any floor / side table lamps?)
  5. Thanks sarah833. One contractor quoted me $1,950 just for 4 panels, which I think is too expensive. Greatly appreciate if you can PM the contractor. Thanks!
  6. I need help from kind Reno forumers here again. Anyone here did soundproof windows? How much is the cost for one room? I am thinking of installing it for my Guests' Room (the windows as in the pic).
  7. Haha, the rug was from Ikea and self-made by cutting it to fit the floor. Because of the space contraint, there was no right size/toilet mat fitted for that space - had to resort to DIY. It's good to hear that your MBR bathroom issue is resolved.
  8. Try pandan leaves and/or bread to get rid of the strong smell.
  9. I had space constraint too when renovating my place and went ahead to shift the toilet bowl. Doing so, the leg space for the right leg is cramped with little space (as the picture shown here): It was what my architect designer proposed. Though it was with heavy heart to go ahead, looking back it was the right thing. It was just a matter for me to get used to it. The reason was to create a space for the shower area. As in the picture below, the glass door of the shower area swings into the shower area. It can't even swing all the way in but enough to get me inside.
  10. What a lovely sight! .. Those cats and the painted aircon boxing. Thumbs up.
  11. I am in favour of using drawers for kitchen cabinet and glad that I heed my ID's advice to do so. It is good that you have planned the details. When I agreed to the drawers for my kitchen cabinet, my ID made sure that I measured the heights for all the kitchen stuffs including the drinking cups, rice cooker, rice container, etc .. and even the cooking oil. About the piped gas, it was a lesson learnt for me too. Somehow, the old flats in Jurong area are not yet equipped fo "enjoy" the amenity. I had the exact same surprise and disappointment. Glad that you found it out now and able to make provision. Another reno tip that I learned from my ID .. while it is good that you are making plans to shop around for furniture, do note about the size of your space. Luckily for me, my ID would always insist to have the measurement of the furniture so that she could put them into perspective. She would translate the measurements - the furniture and the space in the house, into her technical drawing to let me "feel and see" how it would turn out.
  12. We all learn everyday and "Thanks" to you, arturobinewski, I learn something new -- Memphis Movement. *paiseh*. Such an interesting concept and I am certain, with so much of your love and interest in Memphis Movement, it will be a beautiful home. Do post more pics! :good:
  13. In my case, it was done during the renovation period. The carpenter had to dismantle the door. Hence, it was a day where there was no main door as it had to be brought to the factory. My original door was the old HDB fire-rated type where there was some design on the surface. The carpenter stripped away the 'design' as I wanted a plain simple door. It was then laid with new laminate. I believe your carpenter should be able to do it.