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  1. I've asked my contractor about this. He said it's the quality of the old paint on the wall that's causes this. Even applying a sealer before painting won't help
  2. I would be using dulux wash n wear too! Does it really wear off so easily?
  3. Congrats on the big move! My hub would love the storage in your living room!
  4. Hi, mind sharing the link for your toilet sink from tb? Thank you!
  5. Mind sharing the tb link for the digital door viewer? Your common toilet bi fold door design is nice n unique!
  6. Hi, can you share Mr Goh's contact with me too? Thank you!
  7. Aww! I love the candy paint colours of the rooms side by side! Perhaps I can consider doing that for my boys' and girl's rooms
  8. I'm thinking of getting a rain shower from tb too! I hope not all rain shower from tb are not compatible with instant heaters..
  9. Your toilet ceiling looks high! Ditto on the small toilet! I am having problem squeezing a sink back into the mbr toilet without removing the shower screen. Almost mission impossible.
  10. Hahha my hub is already complaining now. Where will you be getting your kids' bed? My hub wants to get a bunk bed (with slide!?) for them.. I'm contemplating..
  11. Wow! Squeezing 4 in a king bed! We already find it quite a squeeze with 5 of us on a queen + super single side by side. Hoping with the move to the new place, we can 'kick' the elder 2 to their own room.