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  1. hi, unable to PM you. Please help to forward Mr Goh contact number. thks. 

    1. ygs


      Please provide me the contact number of Mr Goh wallpaper installer. Thank you

  2. Hi,


    May I have Mr Goh contact number? what will be the cost?

    Thank you.



  3. yea and i have been asked where i got my wallpaper from.. They are all bought online from Tabao.
  4. I dont normally log in much so please do not post in here to ask for Mr Goh contact. Just drop me a pm and I will get respond as soon as I get a notification.
  5. Thought I'd share my wallpaper installer's, Mr Goh aka Ah Keng, work with everyone. Completed the 3 bedroom's wallpaper in an afternoon's work. Very good workmanship and resonable pricing in my view. Here are some of the photos taken, please pm me if you would like to have his contact details.
  6. Spent 3.3k on sanitary ware over the weekend Spent 4.6k on bed, bedframe and sofa Spent 2.9k on aircon - deposited 900 Spent 1.5k on hood, hob, over and ceiling fan More photos to come on the overall hacking and stuff i bought when it arrives
  7. Day 1 - Hackers came in and hacked away wall tiles, floor tiles in the kitchen and toilets. Laminates from floor were taken out too. Pretty much it. One day's work.
  8. Day 1 tomorrow, hackers will be coming in to start the overhaul of our 5 room HDB (105sqm). Photos to come shortly on the current state of things.