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  1. At the 4 corners, you can see 4 circles, they can be taken out and it will reveal the screw.
  2. Flip down for me too, easier to access the front of the DVD player, USB port etc. For pull out drawers, wouldn't it be even more difficult to access the mains, since drawers will have a back panel blocking the mains on the wall?
  3. yes, since the switch is higher Ampere, it should be ok. I change my hob 3pin plug to connect to my legrand switch too.
  4. Yes, a carpenter can do re-laminate (defintely change door too) but it will be expensive. I engage a carpenter to relaminate my bedroom wardrobe 2 full height sliding doors and it cost me $320 (that is one of the lowest quote I get). Alternatively, you can get sticker laminate and DIY yourself, which is much cheaper. I used that for my kitchen cabinet, pretty easy to DIY if you know how to remove the door and put it back.
  5. Agree that it is normal. It will be difficult to take/place things into the cabinet if the cabinet is deep and your door can only open 90 degree. Even more difficult if the cabinet has a narrow door.
  6. You can try those Hardware shop at Jalan Besar (Kelantan Lane) if not can try Taobao。 https://world.taobao.com/search/search.htm?_ksTS=1493182990790_313&spm=a21bp.7806943.20151106.1&search_type=0&_input_charset=utf-8&navigator=all&json=on&q=铜色厨锁&cna=OWg3EQODliACAbYT68bl94wT&callback=__jsonp_cb&abtest=_AB-LR517-LR854-LR895-PR517-PR854-PR895
  7. My 42" Baby LED fan is bought at JB YES Electrical Supply (https://www.facebook.com/YES-Electrical-Supply-143969298961977/). I bought this at 358RM (including GST) in May 2016. You can Whatsapps them for price and availability prior going down but they may take few days to get back, so just keep messaging them. My other 52" fan is bought at M1 (or M One) electrical shop in Bukit Indah, I bought it at 464RM (including GST) in Mar 2016 (other shop selling more than 500rm at that time). There is another shop Starworld (near Tompoi lighting) also sell Deka brand. You can see some Deka fan display there as the shop I bought does not display any Deka fan. Neverthess, my model wasn't display at Starworld, so I just buy without seeing the actual thing. In Singapore, I saw Kow Yee (a renovation contractor) carry Deka fan at their Kaki Bukit showroom http://www.kowyee.com.sg/contact/, but not all models and are more expensive. Warranty will be more convenient if you buy in Singapore though. GST is also payable for values above SG$150 per person when coming back. I only start using the Deka fan in Jul 2016, so far no problem. I like the 4 speed as my old house ceiling fan is only 3 speed and the lowest speed sometimes is still too strong at night. Mine is with LED light, but the LED light is not very bright. My small girl like the Blue LED light that comes with the 42" fan.
  8. You may want to have a look at Deka brand (http://deka.my/product-overview/#!). I am using this brand for few months, not too bad. I am using is 56" 5 blades and 42" 3 blades though.
  9. Just to add, for those planning to do invisible grille and floor (parquet) varnishing (or any dusty work). I would recommend to do floor varnishing first, coz that is a dusty work (if your contractor sand the floor). The invisible grille will collect alot of dust and is very very difficult to clean. This is from my own experience
  10. Just to share with you guys, not endorsing any company. I got quotes from Invisystech ($10psf), Le-home ($9psf), Le-gate (verbal quote around $12-$13, can't really remember now) and IGC ($7.50psf). I went for IGC since it is cheapest and they using 316 grade cable and with no small print on the coating (some company have small print on the coating which they claim can only be seen when you stand very near). My main requirement is it must be 316 grade cable, as I understand 316 is marine grade cable and should not rust easily or at all. Some of the differences I noted from the different company - cables from Europe, and claim to be better quality than China-make thus more expensive. - used special plastic to tighten the cables, claim to be more durable and will not rust etc. - grilles which can be open, as they mount around a frame. DIdn't ask LeGrilles to quote, else probably a good savings of another $250, based on $6.80psf (if they also use 316 grade cables).
  11. 1) Change the cabinet (or cabinet position) 2) Saw away the top of the cabinet, or bottom (cabinet may be raised by planks). Not easy to saw though unless you have some carpentry experience. 3) Change the aircon trunking to a smaller one (if aircon pipe is not too big). This probably will need professional. 4) Customize a wood plank with similar color (or laminate) to the side of cabinet and fix it to the back (with L-bracket etc) of the cabinet and make it look like a customize wardrobe. To get exact same colour may be difficult.
  12. Maybe some renovation can still be started, like flooring, windows, kitchen or bedroom (if living room air-con piping does not pass through these wall). But still recommended to have aircon planned out first. Anyway, 1 more air-con should not cost too much difference, better to have it installed now than regret in future.
  13. Run the conduit all the way to back plate (mine didn't). Next time you can just open up the faceplate and try to pull/push the cable through. If there are bends along the conduit, it will be more difficult, so try to keep them straight as much as possible. Take note of where the conduits run behind the wall, you don't wanner drill a hole through them in future should you decided to drill a hole to hang painting etc.
  14. For the cables, you can get someone to hack the wall partially (which will be very messy) and hide a conduit (PVC pipe) or trunking into the wall. A thicker conduit will be easier to pull the cable but it will means more hacking. I am using trunking as it flat and does not require deep hacking, I have no plan of changing the cable in future though. In future when you want to change, tape the new cable to the old cable and pull it through (or use a cable puller).
  15. It is not too difficult if you have DIY experience. Below is briefly what I had done for my DIY cabinet. Basically, I just fixed up the cabinets without the doors, which are top, bottom, left and right planks (no back plank for my purchased) and a horizontal plank in between. The doors can be fixed after the cabinets are up, as this will 1) reduce the weight 2) let you access the back of the cabinet 3) door will be more align if you fixed it later. The cabinets come with bracket to hold the cabinet, take measurement of where the bracket should be after the cabinets is assembled. After measurement marking is make, drill one or two holes and screw the bracket loosely to the wall. Mount the cabinet on the loosely screw bracket, and screw the cabinet to the bracket. Once it is mount on the bracket, the weight will be on bracket, adjust the cabinet until it is straight (with water bulb), right angle etc before tightening the screw to the wall. The rest of the bracket measurement are easier once the cabinet is supported by the top left/right bracket. Continue to drill the others holes for other bracket and mount the cabinet. Take out top left/right bracket after all other bracket are fixed, and drill the remaining holes which I did not drill earlier and finally mount them back again. I had previously DIY IKEA billy book shelf (not wall mount type though) for my previous house, I find Taobao cabinet heavier though it is smaller in size). Taobao cabinet wood plank are more solid than IKEA book shelf (knock on them I can feel the difference). My previous Ikea cabinet shelving sink after few years of using. Taobao cabinet looks quite heavy duty and I think it should last longer (still too early to tell as I just mount them few months only). Take note there may be weight difference if your IKEA cabinet is those with not so solid planks.