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  1. Although we are not having the same contractor, the nightmarish experience is similar.
  2. Care to share the name of this contractor? need to hunt down every single irresponsible contractors.
  3. Please share with me the name of this contractor. We will nail them down together with other irresponsible ones!!
  4. I have a batch of new T5 Tubes (1ft-4ft) Cool White (6000k color) which I want to sell off due to purchase wrong color. Selling them at low cost to reduce wastage. PM me if you are interested and how many pcs u need.
  5. Casper, when i was renovating my 6 year old BTO resale flat, I had the same question when I asked my contractor is it really necessary to replace the original BTO hot and cold pipings. I saw that they were deeply concealed in the wall screed and should not be easily damaged even after hacking the wall tiles. In my heart, i know they are not necessary to be replaced and money can be saved. But he still insist that i replaced them and I bo bian... I guess, copper piping work are quite profitable for them... u know what i mean.
  6. Is this reno company located at 178 paya lebar? On my way on bus to work, always see, I think that office outside forever have flower baskets like newly open office right? Sometimes even balloons…
  7. Sometimes, i feel skeptical about "Recommended contractors" on this forum. Need to be really cautious about these self-advertising. Some of these contractors even go to the extend to create fake account to give themselves "good" reviews. it is not hard to identity these fake members who only post once on this forum and then suddenly went missing for good. I feel that these companies are so pathetic and miserable, they should just spend some good money to do proper marketing instead…