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  1. That is true too. But considering about the young and old at home, i would not take the risk. Although Singapore is a lawful place, but you wont know what is going to happen. And even if they will be dealt with later, the damages will be done. Social network is a good platform to share, but not too openly to expose yourself to such risks that may happen. My post took 4 days for approval. What about Ho Ho Engineering?
  2. Better not give the 2nd payment. Insist to have the work done before any additional payment! Pm-d you.
  3. By the way, anyone able to advise me how can we know if the cement they use are HDB approved? I heard from some people that HDB approved cement will never have problem like this (E.g. cracking, shattering). Anyone about to enlighten me pls?
  4. We went for the cheaper one basically because we've done all the designing and all the site planning ourselves. Its only about the contractors and site coordination which we do not have time for. Of course, we shortlist based not just no price but also no the ID's experience and how they present themselves to show if they really know how to do the job. I guess it really depends on our luck whether or not we found a good one. I've heard costly ID's also have many issues from other home-owners.
  5. The renovation is completed. Negotiation doesn't seems to work with such person, really frustrating especially the flooring. Sigh...
  6. I saved all the whatsapp conversation, photos of defects and all the things necessary. I am still considering if I should take legal action against such person. On the other hand, I need to consider all the inconvenience it is going to cost us if we decided to accept their compensation. Where should we be staying etc. My children needs to go to school and I also need to work. We have young and old at home. It is not as easy as it seems. Heres a photo of the cement screed after less than a month. It started with cracks and it shattered to small pieces. This is only one part of the house. I had screed my whole house. Sigh... Just my luck to met such people. I had just done my flooring by overlaying with Vinyl. I can still feel the gaps and uneven flooring. Legally, I reserves the right to commence legal proceedings within a year.
  7. This is a post mainly to express my frustration. Maybe you don't know the power of internet. It is not very nice if you announce it opening and people start harrassing you and your family. In fact, I have seen a few post on this forum which he pretend to be home owner and advertise for his company.
  8. Not able to complain to HDB cause they seems to use another company to get the HDB license.
  9. Hi Jingxuan, I faced the same issue as you. I only learnt the fact that the Company was not paying the contractors when the contractors pity me for engaging this specific company for the renovation and told me discreetly. Many of them did not receive the payment when i've (out of pressure) paid 95% of the renovation fees. The ID still go around telling the contractors that I did not pay up for the renovation therefore he don't have money to pay them. My work was continuously dragged. It is so stressful. I couldn't even concentrate working. I hope your renovation is done by now and if possible, share with us this disgusting company and person in charge so that no one else will get cheated by them.
  10. I am also experiencing my very 1st stressful renovation but not the same firm. It was not just unsatisfied, it was beyond that. It totally seems like i am the one receiving the money from the ID instead of me paying. I had to bear with his bad attitude and all the **** works after spending so much. Totally feel you...
  11. I am sorry this is going to be lengthy, But i really need a platform to speak out during this emotionally stress period. We heard a lot about all those ****ed-up IDs and renovation companies & always think that we will not be one of the poor victim. We bought a resale flat few months back and was actively looking around for Interior firms to renovate our new nest. We need to move in urgently as our rental lease will expires soon and we had planned everything. Usually, the maximum time needed to renovate a resale unit is about 6 to 8 weeks. We approach the friends we trusted first or anyone that was recommended by our close family members. But it was either too expensive or that we feel not very comfortable with the ID. We do have contacts for all the contractors, but we really can't make time to tend to the renovation daily and to arrange all the works etc. Our budget was a reasonable $60k inclusive of furnitures. We did our own space planning and basically, we don't need a designer, we just need someone to carry out the works and coordinate with the contractors. We gave our own requirements and design. I still don't know how and who introduced me this guy, S Lee. So i was checking out their Company's FB page and decided to ask him for a quotation. His quotation was so far the most reasonable price, deducting all the contractors' cost, he earn about less than $5k. Most importantly, when he did the measurements, he seems really experienced, able to answer our questions and give advise correctly. We went to view one of his customer's unit (to see the carpentry work) and decided to engage his service. The renovation started somewhere in Mar and was not ending yet, in May. The MAGNIFICENT ID In my entire life, i've never met such low-class person with such ridiculous attitude. When we went up to our unit to inspect, usually we will text him or call him for an update of the work that was done. As owners, we are much more diligent than them because it will be our flat, a place we will stay for long term. 1. It was never automatically mentioned / updated to us about the progress of the renovation. 2. When it comes to payment, especially when we hold the payments because of many works that was not completed, his attitude will start to come. Say we need to consider his plight as he needs to pay all the workers, contractors and supplies for the works and products etc. 3. Delays, delays and delays! There was so much delay. 4. He was rude - We communicate mostly through whatsapp. We was arguing (yes, arguing! We paid to make ourselves feel angry and pissed!) and he said "Enough!". So great, i bear with it because the carpentries are not completed, i could not afford to let the amount i paid go to waste. 5. He was always uncontactable, either line got cut, no answer or no tone. He seems never appearing in the morning but will reply in wee hours. 6. Many times contractors are not able to contact him because he would not answer his phone or reply msg. They could not find him when they need to seek his instructions and he blame them for contacting the owners to open the door when clearly he was the one that was nowhere to be found. 7. He claimed that he had been tolerating us for a very long time and that he had been very patient. [Wow! I am so AMAZED!] 8. He claims that we called him every single day, and yes, the every single day mostly was miss call cause owls were asleep in the morning. Why would there be no call from owners when there was so many outstanding works, so many defects, so many bits & pieces of things that was done incorrectly. It was shocking to see all the edges and corners of your house so badly done. Paints unevenly at the edges and cement screed wasn't even lay even. 9. You will have contractors knocking your door asking if you've paid the ID because the ID claimed that the owner did not pay him thus, not paying the contractors. 10. You CANNOT call him on a Sunday or Public Holiday (which is mostly all working people's non-work day) because its his off day and he needs a lot of rest. 11. He will appear in your flat less than 10 times for the entire renovation. 12. He will not check on the work that was done because "I have many other units, not just this." 13. He will twist his words and claimed that he dint say when he said previously. 14. He will argue with you when you say the job was not up to satisfaction. 15. He will blame anything and everything except for himself when clearly, it was because the lack in supervision and inspection that resulted in such bad works done. 16. He do not even know at times what are to works carried out for the day, and there were days when no one turned up to do any work at all. 17. It must be at HIS convenience not YOUR convenient. And the list goes on.... More and more ugly stories about the ID was slowly revealed. It was such a regrettable choice for us, choosing this firm and this specific person. It made us sick to the stomach just talking or texting him. Renovation [Feedback on the works done] 3D Drawings The 3D drawings were only given to me when i chase for it. I hold the 2nd payment and release it only after the 3D drawing is out and to satisfaction (1st payment of 10% given upon signing contract). The drawing looks very much like copied and pasted from some other sources. It was so horrible! The design, the carpentry, the flooring, even the paint colour was wrong! All the ID kept asking for was payment. Prior choosing of the laminates, we've told him specifically that laminates samples and actual laminates might look different in whole (especially big pieces such as TV feature wall / cabinets) , we need to match the colour so the 3D is very important as it shows about 80% similarity from actual. The 3D drawings took a total of 2 weeks to be ready. And yes, its only sent to you via whatapp or e-mail (if you request) with no hardcopies. #anger1 Tiling Works The tiler was a very nice Malaysian man in his late 30s. We visited the flat everyday, weekday evening and weekend morning/afternoon. The tiling work was half-way done and it stopped... Yes, it stopped work for a good 1 weeks before resuming. The tiler told us that the ID was uncontactable, he finds it very hard to work because he is afraid that he might do wrongly. And so, work was delayed. Flooring The ID advised me to hack all my existing tiles because they were all old and might "pop-out" soon. We agreed on laying cement screed (we still couldn't make up our mind what to do with the floor yet). We proceeded to hack the floor and existing skirting. Carpentry The carpenter was also a Malaysian. They have a factory in JB. Their workmanship fine and great. He was really honest and will explain to us the pros and cons of the carpentry, clean it very well before he leaves and update us accordingly. We did 2 beds, 2 wardrobe and kitchen Top + bottom cabinets. ****IF YOU WANT HIS CONTACT PM ME***** Electrician I really feel like fainting when i see how the electrician do their things. They are a 2 man team, really nice people but workmanship really very very bad. (If you would like to see photo, pls pm me) The sockets are crooked, box up horribly, most importantly, they were supposed to use cement type of silicon to fill the gaps of the box-up, but they used the other type of smooth silicon and another type of cement to patch up bit by bit. **Side note: If you are a resale flat, pls make sure they patch/fill the gaps with cement type silicon. Usually electrician will know. but mine sadly don't seems to.** I was so freaking sad and stressed out seeing how ugly they've patched the walls. Ours was a resale, so that cables / box-up are not concealed. It was so ****ing god-**** ugly that even the paint couldn't paint over. Plumbing So far okay. They were very helpful, fixed everything well and steady. Painting Arrogant Painter, doesn't give a **** at all. He painted without covering the floor, never patch, never at least clean the wall a little before painting. Painted on the existing window and still insisted that it was the old paint. How could it be the old paint when it is the EXACT same colour as the current wall. The painting was also horribly done. You can see patches here and there, floor with paint, floor skirting with paint all because he did not bother to put in effort. The best part was, the door frame was of different colour. The painter said all was instructed by the ID. He was merely following instructions. Less than 2 months staying, my paint already starts to peel off. Did i forgot to mention that the painter only come to paint, the paint was bought by the ID himself. Guess these most of the important works that was carried out. Done venting out my anger and hope there is no other victims like me. I hope everyone can share their horrible experience with IDs like such!