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  1. Hi, just a random question. i am staying in this house for a very long time. and thinking of doing a full overhaul renovation on this old HDB 3room. however, my house has full of things / furnitures , etc... Must i pack up and move all my items somewhere so that reno can be carried out? if yes, to where? , to some storage place? (any recommendation?) will contractor help me with all these? Thanks and Rgds
  2. hello andotang, just curious, 1) roughly how much is your total renovation cost from start to end? roughly. like kitchen how much, bedroom how much living room how much toilet how much, (all roughly? around in the range of?) 2) you used 1 ID to cover the entire thing or 1ID 1 kitchen, another ID do bedroom and so on? Cheers
  3. Hello , a noob here. i really like a particular cabinet online overseas. Can i ask should i buy a custom made kitchen cabinet from overseas (i will tell them all the measurements.) and get someone to help me to install? What are the cons of this method? , What problems do u foresee i might face? Are there installers out there willing to help me to install the cabinets? looks like everywhere i go, all the contractors want me to buy their cabinets, they get unhappy when i say i provide my own cabinet. Really thanks for your input?
  4. Dear fellow forummers, please beware of a shop named "AP Trading" selling ceiling fans, storage heaters, water purification systems & safe boxes at bukit timah plaza #B1-K68 & at a booth at furniture exhibitions at Expo. The shop manager is an unethical man who not only overcharge products but also does not honour his items in his shop. His name is Denny, HP: 90033909. I placed a deposit of $100 for a fan that cost $480 at the expo exhibition in Jan. However i found out that the fan is so much more overpriced as compared to other shops. i noticed i am cheated. Today, I went to the shop to request for an exchange to a safe deposit box but the shop manager Denny claims that he only sells fans & heaters. I argued that he should be reliable for all the things placed inside his shop & moreover, there are no other shop signages other than "AP Trading" placed above the shop. The condition on the order only stated "Goods sold are not returnable." However I am doing an exchange not a return. Now I am approaching CASE, Small Claims Tribunal Court & the media for investigation. Extremely unethical salesperson!! forummers, all please beware!!!