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  1. Ok so far. Not giving me any problems.
  2. Impressive!! The staircase is gorgeous and I like your living room and kitchen especially! May i know what is the laminate that you used for your cabinet?
  3. Hi, I got my two sets of PO Eco fan (including light kits) at $450 nett each at Radson. Not too far off from the 1 for 1 promotion. Of course, the models might be different. Mine is the 3 blade white fan (with the wing tip slightly bent upwards), base is the cylinder type. Cheers
  4. Hi Raye, Up to now still ok. I have a Haiku in my living room. The built of PO Eco fan and remote pale in comparison (i.e. the rubber casing, big bulky remote). But at this price point, i cannot complain too much. Cheers
  5. I have just completed reno, not yet moved in. I tried the fan for a few hours, seems ok though. One thing to note is that the base that is attached to the ceiling is a soft rubber casing, although it looks like a hard plastic casing from the catalog. I didn't notice it until it was delivered and installed... And the remote controller cannot be shared. I have two fans from PO Eco, exactly the same model. But each controller can only control its own fan and not the other....
  6. Hi, There are different shades of white. I think if you get those off white should be slightly better than pure white? I personally used the clay color from TAK which is a very light gray tone of white. Cheers
  7. Just to share, I have some furnitures which arrived a few weeks ago from TB - study table, study chair and 2 customised bedside tables (all around 200-400 each). Other than the bedside tables which has some scratches on the laminates (which i am trying to mend using some sort of colored wood fillers), the other two are pretty decent. Considering the price savings which we are getting, i think i can still stomach the flaws (each bedside table cost me around $200. Similar materials in SG will cost me ~$580). Of course, Eric is right that you cannot see the items before you pay and refund is difficult or even impossible. However, you have to consider the potential savings and see if it is worthwhile to take the risk. Cheers
  8. Hi, I am thinking of custom making my dining table, but i am unsure what kind of materials i should use for the top? Laminate, glass, wood etc... I considered a solid wood table, but when i go to the factory to choose the wood, the color is simply off (too orangy and dark for my liking). I am thinking about durability and scratch and heat resistance. The style that i am looking for is more towards minimalism. Any advice please? Thanks
  9. Hi, Did any fellow members know where i can get this door stopper for the bomb shelter please? Went to a few hardware shop but they don't seem to carry... Thanks
  10. Silicones have slight porosity, ie tiny holes which allow the spores to attach itself to the silicon. If it is not cleaned, it will turn mouldly after some time. The silicon itself is still water resistant, but the bonding to the surface that it is attached to may be worn out. Anti mould silicone can help as these contains some fungicide to kill the mould but not sure how long it can last. My personal experience is 1-2 years, but there are people who claimed to last 5-10 years. My guess is depending on how humid the surface is (?) Cheers
  11. Hi all, Would need further advice. I have 3 quotes for comparisons: #1 - $1.8K #2 - $1.4 to 1.6K depends on size #3 - $800+ All 3 quoted me 304 stainless steel materials. I am just wondering if it's possible for the price to vary by so much (> 50%)? Is there any catch, or anything that i must take note of? Cheers Roland
  12. Hi, Need some advice. I am quoted for 1.8K for a stainless steel gate for a door size of around 5 feet x 7 feet. Design wise is very simply, just horizontal bars, nothing fanciful. Is this a reasonable price? Thanks Regards Roland
  13. Hi lightningbolt, Yes, i agree, it's not as expensive as spin/haiku, within my price range for a DC ceiling fan with a decent warranty coverage. Imagine if i spend on Spin or haiku for my 2 bedrooms, I would have burnt a big hole in my pockets.. I got two PO Eco for my 2 bedrooms and now looking for another ceiling fan for my living room. I am thinking of splurging for a haiku (60") since my living (cum dining) area is quite big (~6m x 7m). But is haiku really worth that $$? I'm new to the ceiling fan space and would love to hear your (or anyone) opinion? The price is holding me back, plus the lack of feedback. For the record and those who are keen, the 3 years warranty is optional (i.e. you have to top up for additional 2 years). I just got the default 1 year warranty. (But it does give me some comfort that the manufacturer is willing to extend the warranty - at a cost. At least they are reasonably comfortable with their own products) Thanks and regards
  14. Hi, I am looking for ceiling fans (similar design as haiku or spin etc) and was recommended to PO Eco fan. I was told that this is a local company which initially specialised in downlights but recently started to deal in ceiling fans (Supposedly made in China i think) The DC fans come with 10 years warranty on motor and 3 years on site for others. Does anyone has experience with this brand and how is it? The design is not as nice as haiku nor spin, but it is still something that i can accept. Thanks and regards