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  1. Hi all, Please discuss your experiences with silicone sealants and non-silicone alternatives. Mould and algae are common problems in wet areas, is there any product that is immune to moulds? Has anyone ever encountered hard glossy porcelain-like caulk? What is that called?
  2. http://www.citygas.com.sg/ferroli/specifications-bo.html Sorry to complicate things... but... If you look up the specs of larger gas heaters (Rinnai 24 L/min and Ferroli 20 L/min), can see that their flow rates is probably enough for most rain showers, except maybe the largest types. HansGrohe Raindance AIR (circular) 300mm diameter is rated at 18 L/min at 3bar. And don't forget that the gas heaters might be making 20L/min of water at 50 deg C, this means that after mixing with 25 deg C (unheated) water at 1:1 ratio, you get 40L/min of shower-temperature water. And if you want to use the largest types of rain showers with storage heaters, you have to consider if you really want to use so much water... and how soon will you deplete your electric storage heater? I don't know if you could run two gas heaters in parallel. It would seem to me that a high-power gas heater is also more suitable for filling a big bathtub, compared to a low power storage heater.
  3. Hi all, I am trying to choose between electric water heating and gas-fired heaters for showers. These are for new houses, thus they should not be the mounted at shower stall type, should be mounted somewhere out of sight, and not require further attention. i.e. they must be designed to take full water supply pressure. My father has avoided instant (unlimited) gas types because of past bad experiences where the gas heater was not able to give a steady supply temperature... it seemed as if the burner was cycling between full-on and full-off, producing water that was either too hot or too cold. But I find it hard to believe that the present models being sold by CityGas are still incapable of producing water at steady lukewarm temperature, say 40 degrees C. The largest Ferroli heaters sold by CityGas are 20L/min at delta-t of 25 degrees. 40 kW. And start from $742 for outdoor type without pump. And I understand that the "built-in-pump" types (+ about $360) are designed to maintain a loop of hot water pipe at the set-point temperature to reduce waiting time and water wastage, at the start of your shower. Also understood that the 40kW models are rated for about 4 simultaneous showers. In order to decide, I need to hear from actual users... anyone? please?