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  1. If you need any help with defect inspection, you can refer to the link to understand the details or download the defect inspection checklist. Hope this is useful to you!!! http://ngidstudio.com/defect-inspection/defect-inspection-checklist/
  2. Wet Kitchen We do not really cook so we just get a cheap functional but yet classic kitchen hood to go with the kitchen design Area for our fridge which is also easily accessible from the dry kitchen on the left The sink area at the window area facing down into the common corridor Wifey catered for cove lighting into the kitchen space to create a warm feel. In addition, we can always switch on such cove lighting instead of the usual down lights which may be a tad harsh when we need to go into the kitchen for a drink in the middle of the night. Taken with only cove lighting on
  3. @seal33, these containers are from Diaso! Actually we factor all the relevant measurements in mind when doing up the shoe cabinet. @liyahajis, would check and come back to you on the cost when I am home later. All the glass works are done up by Bernard (our contractor).
  4. @seal33, as requested. Upper tier shoe cabinet when fully opened. Right side for me... and left side for wifey... Sharing equally is only as far as the top tier is concerned... Wifey took up the whole lower tier... Wifely wanted a single panel across the whole length of the shoe cabinet to create a more continuous feel and as such the cabinet door is actually heavy. Given the opening action is downwards, the weight of the cabinet door would actually cause the piece to slam down if your hand is not holding on to the door when opening. The solution to this is to install hydraulic lever on each end of the cabinet door panel to ensure a smooth and gradual drop from a closed to open position. Basically we just need to pull down the door a bit and the levers would bring the panel down on its own. Closing is similar in a reverse direction but using the anti-slam hinges to close the door fully.
  5. @trcd, I am not telling her this otherwise she wld go ya ya papaya... Hahahah I do admit she does has better taste than me and well, runs in her blood I guess. @seal33, thanks for your compliments. Let me do that when we are back home later tonight.
  6. Hey @Raylowwl, door is from our contractor directly while we sourced our gate separately. The gate supplier had since retired... PS: We did up our place few years back so we are posting retrospectively and it's a shame that this gate supplier is getting old and his next generation wanted to move on to bigger things in life and not take over the business... @Everdeen88, wld PM you in a bit! @trcd, the main door is full solid timber door stained to the tone/colour that my wife wants
  7. Hey @JohnJohn and @El LoCo, thanks for your kind compliments. It's more of my wife designing all these rather than me though
  8. @trcd, I rather the tiler take their time to lay the tiles properly, screed the area well than for them to do a sloppy job which would come back to hunt us down the road with cracked/popped up tiles and worse water seeping etc... Could see your reno progressing fine so keep it going!
  9. Hey @trcd! Thanks for your kinds words. Actually, we did the bare minimum for balcony because we wanted to keep the cost down. Yes, chilling out there with beer or even wine wld be nice just hope not drunk enough to drop those down... Hahahahah
  10. Dry Kitchen The wall we hacked and replaced with a shoe cabinet and a dry island Our over-mount square sink with our ceramic induction hob Love the running wood grain for our countertop
  11. Balcony Original intention is to have the top and inner side of the parapet wall tiled with white craft stone but eventually we decided to leave it bare to keep the cost down as well as more of a practical sense as we do not want to spend time maintaining the area. The eventual idea was to just do enough but with the possibility to do more in future... Timber-like floor tiles No lamps, just cove lightings. Maybe in future do up a bar area here with high chairs (too dangerous???) or even convert to a green corner with creepers up the wall to double up as feature wall etc... Till then, the balcony would just be a balcony with a view.