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  1. hi Vieracmx, I spent about 47k for renovation excluding the furnishings and I think it is quite reasonable considering the cost of materials nowadays. Whether it is a run down flat or well kept flat, old flats full renovation is a must (unless it was recently renovated by previous owners), i had changed all electrical wiring and pipings which are the most crucial to me and the best part is you can really express your style with a full renovation. My suggestion is find a contractor who is experience in doing old flats renovation as their are limitations for somethings we want as the new BTO are much easier. I will try to find my renovation quotation and PM you. Cheers and good luck
  2. Really impress with the Ikea kitchen cabinets. Each time when I visit IKEA i marvel at their kitchen designs but don't have the courage to consider it as always have the notion that it might not last as long as carpentry build in. And also dont know if the coordination for their cabinets will be a hassle versus one that just dealing with the contractor. Anyways, great job there. Always exciting to see other homes on the verge of finish.
  3. Sorry for late reply as I didn't check. In for a whole. I paid $180 per foot run so that should be an easy gauge for you as the total cost depends I'm how big is your kitchen. I used it for the kitchen cabinets as well as the sideboard . Different designs also different cost
  4. Hey Rynaed! You must be busy cleaning post renovation and moving in. Post some photos soon because I am excited to see you blue gate-less door and the rest of the home.
  5. Hey! There are some smaller HDB approved mongrels under the ADORE project. Consider to give them a home as they are so street smart and fast learner. If not, you can look into adopting some of the breeding pedigree dogs which are often rescue or abandoned by those irresponsible farm or home breeders. They are in dire need of home too and I am sure you will find one who will connect with your family.
  6. Oh dear! You should drop them an email to see how to rectify this? By the way the Tide pods 81 pods no longer ships to Singapore. Now they ship only the 57 pods..:(
  7. If you are not so flexible with your timing, its best to book in advance up to 2 -3 weeks. They are very popular and hard to get slot. The last time when I need to move my 2 meters teak table here i used them as well and not on floor excess they charged me only $80 with 3 workers. But I gave them $100 and the rest for their coffee. Most importantly is realiable and dont break anything. I believe Shalom is quite good but for me I like that the "goodness" of Helping Hand since they hire only ex-convicts who have trouble finding jobs and thus giving them a new start
  8. I always use Helping Hands. They quotations are always reasonable and even if a little more I will support them because we are doing something good out of it as well. They are professional and so far have never broken any items from my numerous moves
  9. I love the ebony wood for the dining table. "Complicated", "intricate" it is a beauty and definitely a great centerpiece.
  10. Hey Catt! Excited to see the renovation of another 3 roomer kaki. I love your choice of the Kraus Apron sink and I have ordered my 33" Kraus from Amazon without any problem. If your kitchen can afford the space then go for the 33" because it takes in so many of our pots and pans during our major cook out especially with dinner parties and when it is deep even better because the kitchen looks real neat when the pots are well hidden from view. Cheers
  11. Hello Lianaalin! Its glossy white and not difficult to maintain even after our every day cooking. Usually i will wipe down with a wet cloth and go over with a dry one so that the water mark doest show. I used to have black gloss kitchen cabinets and that was a killer since the oily fingerprints show up every single time you touch it.
  12. Hey Bipps! Renovation is a tiring and a bit stressful process but the end product will be all worth it. In my honest opinion, those small little things that bugged me then just don't seem like such a big deal after I have moved in and some things still can be rectified. I am thinking my home is too white and also looking to paint a dark teal in the bedroom May I asked if you can provide the link for the 2 mirrors? Actually I like your 'ah neh' gold mirror a lot. LOL Really beauty in the eyes of the beholder! TIA
  13. Hi hi! LuxExplorer here and i apologise the hijacked for some countertop discussion for those considering. After installation and registering for warranty, the cesearstone staff will come by to give a demonstration on how to take care of the material. Scratch-proof , heat-proof and in the event if any chipped off they can repair as well. ( that would really require a super duper hard knock ) they will give you the logo which you can stick on as a "brand " I used to use solid top for my previous home and what frustrates me.was the scratches and marks which will surface after some use. Currently I am using the black solid top for the vanity because my sink actually has a huge cut out so I thought it will not be so wasteful but unfortunately the scratches are already appearing and it is not even not as intensively used. I will review this with some photos over at my blog later so that you can see it . ** the most beautiful marble-ly quartz I have seen is from silestone. Especially the matt ones look absolutely gorgeous but a big hole in pocket