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  1. clearme.. ur toilets lights is the same as mine... ! Rellay like the daring black... Cool!
  2. mymelody... Thanks for your invites... Will surely pop by to visit again!! ivory.. Yeah!! Actually had been staying over to test trial the place... i can really get used to the place well!! How is ur reno going on?
  3. neber mind lar.. cos i also invade ur places too!! mymelody... hope can invade again once ur place is ready... so great to move about and look at other's unit... different concept.. n good man...
  4. ben.. care to share how much u spen on the tempered glass dining table??
  5. Cantona7.. never mind lar.. break in only.. but when u showing me ur house pics?? Btw.. u so early went swimming with ur wife? not cold meh the water?
  6. clearme... ur flat is unique.. i also like orh orh... think when ppl visit my place already die liao.. cos no window grilles.. hahahahaha...
  7. xueli.. welcome.. anytime u can drop by.. since we are so near.. i also want to see ur place too!!!
  8. mudster.. ur grey is nice .. not like mine..
  9. xinyi_reiko.. great reno.. really like ur wardrobe... the change over effect is great.. Cove lights brings up the atmosphere..
  10. hi... got my unit from Jun 06 WIS... Will be moving in this End Apr ... Feeling is great as living by ourselves.. Hope this is a good experience.. normally at home.. don't need to do much stuff.. but now got to do.. cos no more maid liao..
  11. finally... after trying for such a long time.. manage to update my avatar... my baby's birthday is coming soon!! This Sunday follows by mine on Monday...
  12. mymelody.. thanks... recently busy with work so will be coming in lesser..
  13. thanks.. but i neber upload any photos before.. so now i am trying see how..