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  1. Like Diva, I am an old customer of Gplan and my ID is Kelvin.. As someone had mentioned earlier, getting a good and responsible ID is like touching lottery. However, we as customer must also do our due diligence and check out recommendations and feedback of others first. In my case, i have no prior business with Gplan and only contacted Kelvin after reading the forum. I was not looking for ID Company but the ID. It is the ID that will be dealing with u and not the company. As i understand it, the ID are not employed by the company but use the company resources and contractors i.e, commission/profit sharing basis. As such, for anyone embarking on the reno journey, do your own research, meet up with the selected IDs, review their projects and most important, your chemistry with the ID. If u don't feel good or comfortable, move on and see other ID no matter how good is the quotation or how sweet/friendly is the ID. After confirmation, stick to the payment plan, no cash payment, cheque issued only to company are some of the basic precaution that we have to follow. I have completed my reno since May 07 and still in contact with Kelvin. Now, he is no longer my ID but my friend. For the simple reason that he took great pain to ensure that my reno progress smoothly, provided regular updates, and most important of all, took responsibility when there were problems and rectify immediately. Even now, after 1.5 years, he responded immediately when told of a leak at my kitchen sink and got his plumber and solid surface contractor to turn up within 2 days to solve the problem. Therefore, one of the most important part of the reno is the ID and not the company. However, u must still check the company background as a reputable company will provide better assurance. A good ID and a reputable company is half the battle won. Take your time before placing your bet.
  2. Zoom88, Sharontan, ben77, attrina-er, cheerio, Hve PM u kelivin's contact. All the best in your search for ID and have fun in the reno process..cheers. and to all those who have PM me much earlier, my apologies for not replying. It has been ages since i log in and was not aware of the PM. Hope all of you have proceeded smoothly into your reno journey and maybe even have moved-in to your happy home.. cheers..
  3. Hi Crystal.. just went thru on the progress of your reno..glad to see most are done.. not to worry about the small bits here and there.. bound to have and it will clear up... enjoy the house.. CNY is round the corner, u can have open house for all your relatives and friends then,, can karaoke in you nice entertainment room... have fun and congrats..
  4. wow..i thought this is gone already.. tks poohbear... TP is great.. very convenience and one of the added benefit is save $$ on petrol.. no need to drive to town.. just take the MRT..
  5. Long time since my last log in.. even my t-blog chat also gone already.. anyway, xmaz3,, wiredchaos, sharon17, JACH, yieyie, Gerub, Lin&L3x, Redwyrm, assirac, Check your PM. Have send Kelvin's contact to you..Have fun in your ID search..cheers..
  6. mine not so bad..white but surprisingly quite ok ..my wife also did some heavy cooking but the cleaning up is easy especially as most of the expose area in kitchen are covered in glass..the hob/hood from rinnai also very good.. fast to cook and power enough to suck up the smell.. only have to wipe finger print quite often.. but very fast job.. looking forward to see your lighting and the overall lighting effects..
  7. yap..did not log in for some time.. nursing my back and also lazy lah.. black glossy laminate for kitchen.. i think niko niko also the same.. r u going for black solid top or white.. together with the glass, u will have a major cleaning job but it will be every classy and nice.. how about lighting? have u bought the rest of the lighting for your house?
  8. wah wah.. very impressed.. must go get a copy now to take a closer look.. Bro Congrats..
  9. Hi Gal.. nice to see everything moving along smoothly for you.. very cosy feel in your bathroom.. all the best and keep us posted on the development..cheers..
  10. Niko Niko.. very nice.. your black glossy laminate very nice snf reflective..can use as mirror already.. We have the same dining table from OM and i almost got the same dining light.. overall very cosy and class. especially like your 3 cats..
  11. Crystal.. very nice..lots of ceiling and glass works.. very impressive and will also have lots of cleaning..hahahah.. nice touch on the curve glass.. but your entertainment room will be very bright and not really very sound proof leh.. but overall feel and design can't wait to see the rest of the reno especially carpentry.. what's your selection of laminate..glossy or matt..
  12. Yanee, wow..your design and reno really nice and i think must be $$$$... especially like your bedroom tv console, wardrobe design and finishing !! look like completing soon..
  13. Hi Jamez, just went thru your T-Blog and really very nice design and good progress on the reno.. congrats.. For your kitchen black floor tiles, is it Homo tile and matt finish? If it is, please ask your contractor to cover up every part.. Mine is also black/matt/rought surface homo tiles and after the reno & cleaning up, they cannot remove the stain from cement/plastering/paint as the tiles is porus.. problem only 90% solved after a special cleaning agent is applied and cannot use the kitchen for 2 days.. better to prevent it but not sure if yours is the same or will have the same problem.. cheers.
  14. Jaren, good progress and nicely done..esp like your passageway light.. so got top-up or early house warming gift from the supplier.. cheers.